PFLB: Test Driven Development at its Best

Yuri Kovalov, President & Co-founder
Apart from being an “agile testing technique”, Test Driven Development makes a solution design more simple and pragmatic, minimizing the quantity of bugs and improving the product’s quality. Based in Santa Clara, CA, PFLB bridges the gap between independent software testing and quality assurance through their advanced TDD methodology. The firm offers unique range of system testing services, which is specifically designed to test individual IT systems; helping organizations accelerate testing, reduce cost along alongside increasing product quality.

With the firm’s functional and regression testing services, developers can detect bugs effectively at every stage of the development lifecycle. PFLB has trained and certified International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) specialists to identify the most risky software functionality, ensuring solid test coverage as they write test cases. Their regression testing service determines how an added functionality will affect the existing software.

Using its load testing framework, PFLB reveals bugs and performance issues, while the system is under a load. They also minimize the risks of inoperable software due to installation failure by using its installation testing services. This lowers the risk of user switching to a competitor due to an uncomfortable system interface. With its usability testing services, software developers can conduct usability testing at the various stages of creating the system as well as designing a prototype to detect the system interface problems in prior the final product creation.

PFLB has a deep expertise in automating the testing of a variety of software products. It not only tests the functionality but also the performance of the software from the client’s side, and making recommendations on ways of improving it. Their test automation service helps clients to free their employees from performing work to configure and maintain the test automation system by receiving a finished and fully configured solution along with a detailed documentation.

The synergy between development and testing will yield results in the form of an organic reduction in time to market and increased product quality

Since inception PFLB has been providing cost-efficient software testing and quality assurance resources for many enterprise customers across industries like finance, insurance, retail, e-commerce, hospitality, entertainment, telecom, and pharmaceuticals. One of PFLB’s clients, who issues personal loans, needed a unified test automation system for their entire lending process. PFLB engineers developed a TestComplete extension—a particular tool based on the technology employed at each step of the testing Oracle Service Bus technology. Changes to the IT also affected the client’s loan processing system, hence they needed to reduce the time required to test the system. To resolve this issue, PFLB offered its test automation module, which resulted in automation of more than 200 tests, thereby dramatically reducing the time required for regression testing of lending business processes from two days to two hours.

With its patented Quality Gates Next methodology, PFLB is also focused on QA services—which includes eight quality gates. “An audit based on the Quality Gates Next methodology not only illuminates the problems but also provides valuable recommendations regarding QA, beginning with the earliest stages of development,” says Yuri Kovalev, Founding Partner and CEO, PFLB. “Testing and QA no longer lag behind the new development methodologies. The synergy between development and testing will yield results in the form of an organic reduction in time to market and increased product quality.”


Menlo Park, CA

Yuri Kovalov, President & Co-founder

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