Pharmalto: Improving Health Engagement

Charles Neagle III, M.D., Founder & President
Data mining and analytics are revolutionizing the healthcare landscape. As a hand surgeon, Charles Neagle III, M.D., Founder and President of Pharmalto, witnessed the lack of health engagement. Effective health information exchange, consumer engagement and provider connectivity improve outcomes and decrease costs. Pharmalto provides what the industry is looking for: member-centric data architecture. “Individual Health Engagement is the holy grail of population health and preventative treatment models, and is the key to decreasing the cost of healthcare,” comments Dr. Neagle.

A low cost platform centered on a smartphone is required to achieve Pharmalto’s mission of helping as many people as possible become and stay healthy. As smart device penetration was overtaking PCs, Dr. Neagle designed a complete mobile engagement application, Medicine-Vault. Initially, this app was centered around pharmacy adherence: medications/supplements, safety features (medication photos), reactions (allergies, side effects and ineffective medications), reminders, and compliance. Subsequently this pharmacy adherence component was expanded into an aggregative platform that integrates the multiple facets of health, wellness and treatment (nutrition, exercise, medication compliance, biometric monitoring etc.). “Medicine- Vault is a member facing engagement platform for the individual and family. It can be employed independently or in combination with Pharmalto’s connectivity component, comprised of MedLife and PharmaltoID,” states Dr. Neagle.

The platform is designed to accommodate various levels of pre-existing health engagement with linked sub accounts that can be paired to and separated from a main account. This architecture creates a lifelong dynamic personal health record and improves health information exchange among providers and healthcare systems. “The flexibility of our platform design allows standalone and integration applications in the corporate health and wellness space and healthcare,” comments Dr. Neagle. The engagement data that is available from Pharmalto also facilitates organizational assessment of their health engagement efforts. Furthermore, the platform addresses the privacy and security concerns through encryption, dual identification process, and HIPAA compliant hosting.

Pharmalto’s MedLife solution allows healthcare providers to select thresholds to determine whether the consumer reported data is actionable and then informs the provider.

The flexibility of our platform design allows standalone and integration applications in the corporate health and wellness space and healthcare

MedLife is an effective population screening and readmission prevention platform. In addition to MedLife, PharmaltoID was developed for the First Responder to facilitate timely assessment, treatment, and documentation. PharmaltoID provides an accurate medication history and compliance, including the intake of medicine, vaccinations, biometrics, and Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) status. The responder scans a wearable tag to connect to an individual’s Medicine-Vault.

Pharmalto’s ground-breaking platform aggregates an individual’s comprehensive medical, wellness, and biometric data into a portable and expandable platform with an open API that facilities third party integration. “With our API, First Responder EMRs can upload a patient’s Medicine-Vault information directly into their EMR, saving valuable time and significantly improving data accuracy,” explains Dr. Neagle. Every day, Telehealth with an individual’s own healthcare provider, ensures the connectivity proven to improve health outcomes and decrease costs. Additional engagement features include lifelong data portability, associated accounts and safety features such as interaction screens, medication instructions, and medication images.

The firm has conducted studies and is integrating with a prominent dashboard designed to support risk sharing organizations. Through this dashboard, a number of individuals have shared their success stories including weight loss and concomitantly improved blood pressure control and avoidance of certain foods based on the nutritional information available in Medicine-Vault.

Forging ahead, Pharmalto will expand its platform with additional sensor compatibility, cross population analytics and technologies that improve engagement, safety and pharmaceutical choices, reconciliation, and adherence. Continued expansion into Accountable Care Organizations and Value-based reimbursement organizations is planned. In addition, monitoring trends in corporate HWPs will allow Pharmalto to continue expanding its capabilities to efficiently accelerate its growth curve to new heights.


Plano, TX

Charles Neagle III, M.D., Founder & President

Pharmalto’s mobile solution engages and empowers the individual in their health and well-being.