PHEMI: Modern Big Data to Drive Business Value and Innovation

Dr. Paul Terry, President and CEO
The world is a colossal farm of “Big Data”. With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), mass streaming, and dataflow from various sources, the ability to take advantage of Big Data has become a critical need for businesses to remain innovative and competitive. PHEMI is a Big Data warehouse company that provides a unique privacy and security framework to manage the growing influx of data within the confines of traditional, siloed databases.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs with rich experience in the supercomputing, Big Data, and data security arenas, PHEMI takes advantage of the Big Data revolution. Today’s data sources are bigger and more varied than what traditional databases were designed to analyze. Healthcare, finance, government, agriculture, and oil and gas are among the industries poised for change because of Big Data. “Big Data is the next step for companies to drive operations worldwide, be it the business market in Canada, U.S., Europe, Australia or Asia,’’ says Paul Terry, President and CEO of PHEMI.

To understand Big Data, take for example, a government organization with 1000 databases; it would need approximately 500,000 connections to share all of that information between the databases. Some organizations do not have more than 10 connections. This highlights the problem that CIOs are now facing—the growing sizes of individual databases, the growing number of databases, the growing types of data being stored AND how to get quick knowledge from that information. Today, a Big Data warehouse that makes all information available for analysis represents the new competitive advantage.

PHEMI’s solution for Big Data—PHEMI Central—collects and curates diverse data from a variety of information silos—ranging from web logs to excel documents to medical devices and images.
“Apart from adopting technologies to gather data, we ensure the privacy, security and governance around that collected data,” emphasizes Terry. “This is critical to making Big Data enterprise-grade.” Adherence to consent management and data-sharing agreements make up the backbone of the rigorous PHEMI process to ensure strict compliance and security.

We protect privacy rights while also ensuring legitimate usage of data to drive continuous improvement.

While many industries benefit from the PHEMI approach, the healthcare sector is among the first to take advantage of PHEMI’s Big Data solutions to achieve better patient outcomes, and speed research and development activities. “For example, in healthcare organizations, most data is unstructured,” says Terry. “Medical institutions generate thousands of ECGs and other images, prescriptions, and letters of consultation in various information systems. PHEMI Central collects, curates, and manages the data, then securely feeds a subset into SAP HANA for in-memory processing and analytics to drive value.”

“We recognize that by assertively facing today’s Big Data challenges with an end-to-end solution, companies can more effectively access and use information to not only save time and money, but also to drive innovation,” says Terry. In the next few years, “PHEMI will be one of the world’s trailblazing companies in Big Data by focusing on simplifying data and turning data into actionable insights.”


Vancouver, Canada

Dr. Paul Terry, President and CEO

Provides enterprise-grade Big Data warehouse solutions that can incorporate SAP HANA’s in-memory database to dramatically accelerate analytics, business processes and predictive capabilities.