Phybridge: Outdistancing traditional data switches

Oliver Emmanuel, President & Founder
At a broader level, the Unified Communications (UC) landscape can be classified into three business categories—those companies who have migrated, partially migrated, and who are yet to initiate migration to UC and IP telephony. The biggest challenge in migration is network reliability, disruption, risk, complexity, and security when building the platform for UC. As the name suggests, Phybridge is focused on the physical layer of networking—acting as a bridge in connecting the end-points with the application.

“We are the inventors of Power over Long Reach Ethernet (PoLRE) switch which delivers Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (POE) through one pair of wire across 1200 feet—four times the distance of traditional data switches,” says Oliver Emmanuel, President and Founder, Phybridge. The PoLRE switch is specifically designed to transform customers’ existing voice infrastructure into an IP network with POE, ideal for the IP Phones or an access point to allow them to gain the benefits of UC and IP telephony. On the other hand, Phybridge’s Coax Leveraged Ethernet Extended Reach (CLEER) switches are designed predominantly to enable IP video or data connectivity over the coax infrastructure that maybe supporting a customer’s analog surveillance cameras.

“The use case for PoLRE is the ability to migrate IP telephony leveraging your existing two wire voice infrastructure, which is quick, easy, and cost-effective. For the physical security site, PoLRE can be used to enable IP cameras and IP access controls that exist using untwisted wiring,” says Emmanuel. Every customer’s existing voice infrastructure has a point-to-point topology, and that remains the same for 20 users or 2000 users. By using the PoLRE technology, decision makers have the ability to implement a repeatable, predictable, and scalable migration strategy across all locations globally.

Going beyond individual effectiveness, Cisco and Avaya, have part numbers for PoLRE technology and Mitel has its own branded offering called Streamline. “We are the only company in Cisco’s history to ever have a part number or a network switch other than a Cisco branded one,” states John Croce, CEO Phybridge.

Phybridge is experiencing traction in verticals such as government, healthcare, education, hospitality, and retail. For instance, at the New Mexico State University (NMSU), PoLRE eliminated infrastructure barriers, helping NMSU migrate to Cisco telephony.
The PoLRE switch enabled NMSU to use its current cable plant infrastructure rather than abandoning the existing design. Phybridge allowed NMSU to leverage the centralized location and backup capabilities and create a robust IP backbone for Cisco IP phones, saving NMSU approximately $1 million and fast tracking their migration by over three years.

On the innovations front, Phybridge is introducing additional long reach PoE switch technology that enables customers to leverage existing Cat 5 technology. “In addition to enhanced reach compared to standard traditional switches, the new technology can also integrate into our overall stack of switches—whether it is two wire, coax cable, or Cat 5 infrastructure, the same switch fabric and GUI across all our switches make it very simple for customers to manage and troubleshoot in our platform,” says Croce.

With Phybridge PoLRE technology transforming an existing proven reliable infrastructure, for customers, the migration to IP is quick, easy and cost-effective

Phybridge is envisioning expansions into the physical security market, to be the transmission leader for IP physical security requirements through their recent acquisition of Network Video Technologies—a supplier of IP and analog transmission products focused on the Security market. Croce, a believer of beginning with the end in mind, opines that it is not only about technology, but Phybridge’s strategy is on best supporting the customer’s success. “We will be continuing to create ‘dream teams,’ where we partner with different enabling technologies to create robust solutions that satisfy the customer. This makes it incredibly simple for customers especially in the hospitality and education markets, to create a robust IP Wi-Fi backbone for guests, students, faculty, or patients in the hospitals,” concludes Croce.


Oakville, ON

Oliver Emmanuel, President & Founder and John Croce CEO

Robust switch technology that transforms your existing infrastructure into an IP platform with power ideal for any IP end point