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Sarat Kothapalli, President & CEO
“Today, consumers are expecting car manufacturers to deliver greater in-car experience rather than just the horsepower," notes Sarat Kothapalli, President & CEO, Pi Square Technologies. As cars are becoming an integral part of the connected world, consumers are expecting greater comfort, convenience and safety. With such expectations to meet, the automotive industry has to adopt inventive ideas. The demand also necessitates access to talented resources with expertise in automotive and modern technology for implementing innovative ideas.

Pi Square Technologies is the fastest growing automotive engineering services startup that has the passion, dedication, expertise, and the experience to be a key player in this challenging yet exciting phase of growth in the automotive industry. Pi Square Technologies is helping the industry by offering expertise in the areas of in-vehicle infotainment, connectivity, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), connected vehicles (V2X), vehicle diagnostics, functional safety (ISO 26262) and cybersecurity. With proficiency in automotive embedded software development and testing services, Pi Square offers proven processes that are designed and executed by highly skilled automotive engineers, helping original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers launch innovative products.

“We take pride in introducing industry first, “Industry Readiness” skill enhancement program," says Kothapalli, the automotive veteran. Pi Square leverages its strong relationship with leading universities in the U.S. to foster talented young minds; provide them the necessary training and hands-on project experience to build creative and enthusiastic team of automotive experts. The company’s consulting division provides companies with access to quality professionals for their engineering and design requirements in building futuristic in-car experience.

"Because of the rampant innovation in the automotive space, an average car today is more complex that a Jet liner in terms of electronics," informs Kothapalli. Currently, an average car has more than 30 million lines of code, a number expected to grow ten times by 2024. "More lines of software code give way for more vulnerability, which calls for greater focus on testing."

We assist Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 companies launch “defect-free” innovative products

Pi Square Technologies provides software testing services to find bugs in the early stages of software development. The company utilizes negative-corner case testing methodologies and cutting-edge software unit and integration testing tools such as CANTATA to deliver defect-free software.

Furthermore, for the cars which are already in operation, Pi Square offers FOTA (firmware over the air) and SOTA (software over the air) support that allow the auto companies to release new software updates in a timely manner to avoid expensive recalls and service visits. The company has strategic partnerships with many chip makers, technology consortiums and several implementation partners that help the auto companies to achieve technology transformation. It is also working on various proof of concepts (POCs), including the one with the Department of Transportation, to realize “Smart City” initiatives and vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

The strong potential of the company is evident through its recent success in helping a leading auto manufacturer with their new infotainment system launch. Pi Square was handed the infotainment system unit with a buggy software putting the program on risk of delaying the launch to the next year. Pi Square deployed its expertise to isolate critical bugs and assisted the customer in faster resolution of the bugs. With FOTA and SOTA update facility and an unprecedented degree of functional reliability testing, the client was able to launch the infotainment system the same year.

Focused on the North American market, Pi Square plans to be the powerhouse of the automotive experts and a solutions provider in the areas of software development and testing of ADAS and autonomous cars. With rich pool of talent, the company strides ahead to be at the leading edge of automotive innovation.

Pi Square Technologies

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Sarat Kothapalli, President & CEO

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