Pica9: Escalating Brand Momentum with Local Marketing Software

Kevin Groome, CEO and President
Digital marketing is now a cornerstone of any brand campaign, but with the rise of multi-channel local campaigns it’s a tough row to hoe for the marketers who operate multi-location brands. Unlike the past, brands have to be present in every channel—print collateral, email marketing, landing pages, web banners, animated banners and social media to drive business into local markets. This requires the brand to be agile in providing technology for local marketers to create and deploy multi-channel marketing materials, while maintaining the highest quality standards in every media-type. Powerful marketing applications are essential for brand managers to control marketing output and for field marketers to execute campaigns efficiently without sacrificing the brand’s image. To meet these competing needs, Pica9 delivers CampaignDrive—a Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) local marketing automation platform—which has been engineered to deliver the perfect blend of local flexibility and brand control for multi-channel, multi-location brands.

CampaignDrive’s features enable brand managers to control marketing in different channels—from creative standards to approval workflow—while making it simple for local marketers to find and customize the appropriate marketing assets. Chief marketers and their peer C-suite executives’ prime concern is to align marketing technology to their business objectives. CampaignDrive not only enables CMOs to track and analyze field marketing activity and performance but also track the return on its design investment through real-time reporting. As a single system of record for local marketing, CampaignDrive allows organizations to invest in canonical marketing solutions and integrate smoothly with other distributed marketing systems.

“CampaignDrive empowers brand professionals to improve brand integrity and accelerate time-to-market, while decreasing marketing production costs by 95 percent,” says Kevin Groome, Founder and CEO of Pica9. CampaignDrive helps organizations to turn high-quality marketing designs into responsive templates within seconds through its innovative InDesign Import function. On-the-fly, self-service template composition is unusual in the local marketing resource management space and saves brands tens of thousands in professional services and accelerates time to market dramatically. The system also coordinates offers, discounts, and coupons with a fully-configurable product database, and orchestrates local executions with easy approval and workflow settings.

CampaignDrive empowers brand professionals to improve brand integrity and accelerate time-to-market, while decreasing market¬ing production costs by 95 percent

Founded in 2001, Pica9 has its roots in the world of design and advertising, creating a local marketing automation system that delivers higher design fidelity. The company supports organizations across industries and global markets to eliminate production delays, improve brand consistency, increase marketing accountability and optimize return on marketing investment. For instance, SCL Health uses CampaignDrive to measure the return on investment from their creative, at the same time the platform automates derivative designs for them. For example, the dynamic sizing feature automatically generates alternate sizes on-demand for sales representatives, saving weeks of additional creative production time while still meeting brand voice standards.

Unlike any other platform in the local marketing resource management space, CampaignDrive customers are able to configure the product to their needs out-of-the-box, receive frequent feature upgrades for no additional cost, and integrate with other marketing technology applications. The configuration platform allows brands, without costly and lengthy software customization, to change things like user roles and permissions, document approval loops, reporting hierarchies, vendor assignments, coop processing logic and more. These changes can be made by the brand, in real-time, at no charge to meet the needs of the brand as the business evolves over time. The company has recently added advanced capabilities like animated HTML5 banners, new campaign management tools and dynamic media conversions. Some forward-looking initiatives for CampaignDrive are to build more integrations to the upstream content sources and the downstream deployment channels that customers use, including project management tools, workflow systems, email marketing partners, digital ad networks, and print and fulfillment centers.


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Kevin Groome, CEO and President

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