Pico MES: Production Efficiency Improved Through an Innovative Manufacturing Execution System

Ryan Kuhlenbeck, CEO
Making Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) readily available for all kinds of small-to medium-sized businesses, Pico MES specializes in offering software-based solutions designed to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency within the complex manufacturing processes. The software company was founded by Ryan Kuhlenbeck, Geoff Bucks, and Zac Nelson – veterans from manufacturing industries. Since its inception, Pico has empowered businesses to compile and utilize previously unavailable information pertinent to manufacturing processes, such as orders and fulfillments, tools, and personnel data. Consequently, factory operators are propelled to achieve prolific manufacturing and product results with greater efficiency thorough the analysis of information relevant to their enterprise.

In a world where innovation is accelerating and rapidly changing the manufacturing processes, Pico MES offers strategic initiatives essential for manufacturers to implement informed decisions within their operating environments with reliable output. One of the distinctive qualities of Pico MES as an organization, is its unwavering dedication to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Pico is working to make these software-based assets conveniently accessible to SMEs nationwide, enhancing their operational efficiency and global competitiveness.

Throughout his career in manufacturing, Ryan Kuhlenbeck, Pico’s CEO understood the crucial influence of small and medium-sized enterprises on the supply chain of products and services. Along with his team, Kuhlenbeck developed a software that would dynamically and systematically eliminate all non-value add activities from a manufacturing process. It enables businesses to realize unified visibility, control, and manufacturing optimization of production and processes.

Pico MES's software solution grants businesses endless possibilities for customizing, analyzing, and tracking real-time data relevant to the identification of downtimes and inefficiencies within their manufacturing processes. Digital work instructions and a record of data for each stage of any manufacturing process can be created through Pico's software to streamline and reduce inefficiencies.
This approach makes it easier for operators to consistently act in accordance with given instructions and become familiar with the processes quickly through an interactive screen provided by Pico’s software. Human error can be quickly identified and corrected from the manufacturing process with Pico's software system, which provides quality data checks and automatically adheres to relevant rules and requirements. Additionally, the software offers the feedback required for the swift identification and resolution of problems for continuous product and process improvement, and manufacturing process optimization.

Pico MES's software supports a broad diversity of manufacturing processes and industries by virtue of its seamless integration. It offers a universal list of manufacturing tools and devices in its software library which can be synchronized with work instructions. In the rare instance a tool is not available, Pico incorporates it as part of the system at no additional cost. After the tools are synchronized with provided work instructions, it becomes redundant for an operator to take their time and monitor the quantity and quality of the throughput work.

Our entire team takes prides in our operational experience when it comes to product design

The MES can be hosted locally on just one small computer, yet gives a business complete control over their production process, and the ability to base operational decisions on factual information, with the benefits of cloud backup and support. Pico's breakneck speed of integrating and starting this system is unparalleled. Compared to other businesses, which can take weeks, Pico can have its system installed and up and running well within 4 hours.

"Our entire team takes prides in our operational experience when it comes to product design," says Kuhlenbeck.

While developing its software, Pico MES has carefully taken into consideration many core variables like the capability of managing operations, improving quality control, managing resources, and much more, distinguishing itself from competitors. Its pragmatic approach towards providing accessible and affordable software solutions for manufacturing industries has gained it commendations and economic success.

Pico MES

Redwood City, CA

Ryan Kuhlenbeck, CEO

Pico MES is a computer software company that provides data collection and analytics solutions for manufacturing industries.

Pico MES