Pingboard: Modernizing Organizational Charts for Collaborative Business Planning

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Bill Boebel, CEO
A well-defined organizational hierarchy is pivotal for any firm in terms of team planning and corporate restructuring of its employee base. However, managing and tracking employees using a manually created organizational chart is time-consuming and not the most efficient way forward. A traditional approach such as this also makes it impossible for employees from different departments within an enterprise to keep abreast of the changes made to the corporate structure.

In the wake of such shortcomings, a Texas-based firm, Pingboard eliminates the need for traditional organizational charts with its web-based software and mobile application. The Pingboard software digitally creates and maintains organizational structures by replacing a firm’s static chart. Designed for easy and real-time hiring plans, Pingboard enables firms to organize employee information from various departments and keep everyone aware of the new changes in the organizational structure. Such information can be further grouped based on products, projects, and company location.

The software also integrates with numerous employee management systems such as ADP, Google G Suite, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta, and OneLogin, enabling team leaders to transfer data from these systems to Pingboard. This functionality extends to the installation of add-ons such as Slack, HipChat, and PingOne to improve productivity on the go.

Executives and department heads can seamlessly collaborate with one another using Pingboard’s real-time access feature and share current or future structural layouts within their teams or across the firm. This allows them to replicate live organizational charts and generate private copies, which can be modified to reflect new hires or inter-departmental shifts of any employee. Consider an instance where a team leader wishes to hire a new employee; he or she can add a placeholder for the employee to be recruited and tag the finance department to confirm the available budget for the new hire. The budget in-charge can then approve the manager’s request with a financial estimate for the recruitment. Managers can further synchronize the information of the newly hired employee with the organizational chart, without relying on the HR department to update employee information in the system.
“Pingbaord is not only helping team leaders maintain a well-structured layout of their workforce but is also revolutionizing the way firms plan their hiring processes,” begins Bill Boebel, CEO of Pingboard.

Additionally, Pingboard enables decision-makers to quickly and seamlessly search for employee information in order to understand the organization’s structure in real time. With such functionalities at their disposal, several businesses across a myriad of industries including healthcare, government, finance, and media firms employ Pingboard to manage their hiring plans. Recently, Carta, an equity management solution provider, experienced significant improvement in optimizing its organizational structure after partnering with Pingboard. Initially, Carta spent around 8 to 10 hours a month in administering their organizational chart, but with Pingboard’s help, they now handle the process in just half an hour.

Pingbaord is not only helping team leaders maintain a well-structured layout of their workforce but is also revolutionizing the way firms plan their hiring processes

Over the years, Pingboard has scripted many such client success stories and has emerged as one of the dynamic and progressive companies that is modernizing the static organizational chart. It has mapped out a standardized growth model for the future, pertaining to the enhancement of the Pingboard software. The firm is focusing on integrating its software with every HR system available in the market and adding new features that accommodate workflows such as project planning and approval processes. Such integration capabilities would potentially deliver the much-needed modernization of organizational charts for effective business planning.


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Bill Boebel, CEO

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