Pinnacle Solutions: Enhancing Data Clarity with Advanced SAS Analytics

DJ Penix, Founder & President
As the amount of data continues to grow at an overwhelming rate, the biggest challenge enterprises encounter today is, “how to convert data into structured information that helps with effective decision making? ” Companies are also seeking expert assistance to securely migrate their IT solutions from on-premise legacy systems to the cloud. Coming into the picture, Indianapolis, IN based Pinnacle Solutions helps companies modernize both technology and data integration processes by combining SAS's analytical platform along with the hosting capabilities of Amazon Web Services. “We empower companies to analyze and interpret the data that they collect and utilize it to run their department, division, or company,” says DJ Penix, President and Founder, Pinnacle Solutions.

Not only is managing decentralized data a big challenge, today organizations are also focusing on applying advanced business analytics to gain more insight on their data assets. Hence, Pinnacle Solutions has developed ‘The Backpack Kit’, a line of products and services to help companies leverage the SAS platform. “Our Backpack Kit empowers customers to be better enabled with tools that help them understand and mine their business data to make it actionable,” describes Penix. It includes Campfire, Shelter, First Aid Kit, Compass and Binoculars—Pinnacle’s strategically named products. Pinnacle Campfire is a tool to collect data from social media, news, retail, and other sites. It delivers an easy-to-use web interface for scraping web data for customer feedback and product ratings. First Aid Kit is a remote SAS administration service package that helps customers keep their SAS analytic systems running healthy. The mobile and tablet data entry tool Pinnacle Compass gives customers a convenient way to enter, integrate and modify data that can integrate with any SAS solution, from anywhere and anytime.

“We have partnered with Amazon Web Services to combine their cloud computing infrastructure with our SAS development and administration expertise,” says Penix.

We empower companies to analyze and interpret the data that they collect and utilize it to run their department, division, or company

With the help of AWS and SAS, the company has developed Shelter, a robust cloud hosting solution that allows enterprises to eliminate the administrative challenges and need for costly hardware. In addition, the company offers Pinnacle Binoculars, an interactive online web reporting solution. It gives customers the ability to generate self-serve reports and analytics that run on information from multiple database systems without major systems integration.

Apart from being a SAS alliance partner, Pinnacle also serves as an authorized SAS reseller, enabling customers to license the software directly rather than through SAS. With over two decades of expertise in leveraging the SAS platform, Pinnacle has assisted myriad of customers across numerous industries—including banking, communications, health and life sciences, entertainment, manufacturing, media, and retail.

For the years ahead, Pinnacle envisions expanding their customer base globally with their cloud hosting service. Additionally, the company foresees a greater opportunity in innovating and improving their services on the cloud. For Instance, “we have developed a mobile application for enterprises to help them monitor their hosted analytic server performance in real-time,” says Penix. “We shall also continue to improve our cloud enablement, support big data solutions, and make analytics even more self-serve capable,” he concludes in an optimistic note.

Pinnacle Solutions

Indianapolis, IN

DJ Penix, Founder & President

Enabling companies modernize both technology and data integration process by combining SAS' analytical platform, Amazon Web Services, and Hadoop

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