PinnacleQM: Quality Management for the Smarter Automotive Industry

Ian Charlton, MD & Co-Founder and Gary Jenn, MD & Co-Founder
With unprecedented levels of technology advancements in the automotive industry, vehicle manufacturers are aggressively competing to offer the newest technologies as a differentiator. Technology companies are fueling these advancements with cutting edge systems and solutions aligned to the evolving needs of the consumers. According to Gary Jenn, MD & Co-Founder of PinnacleQM, “Ensuring feature-rich, reliable, interconnected, secure and safe automotive solutions will have an ever-increasing reliance on advancing software and embedded systems.” With a great team of professional testing experts and a proven history of innovation, PinnacleQM offers advanced QA and testing services supporting rapid time-to-market of smart transportation systems including connected cars and automated vehicles.

PinnacleQM supports testing of in-car infotainment and communication systems as well as connected car, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, safety, and real-time awareness systems. PinnacleQM’s testing solutions for automotive embedded systems improve agility, traceability, and overall delivery effectiveness with confidence. With the ability to test software coverage against tens of thousands of possible external event combinations, PinnacleQM ensures the resultant feature-rich products are of high quality adding value to the user’s in-vehicle experience. Furthermore, PinnacleQM’s “Autonomy” Service line encapsulates all their thinking and experience in advanced quality and service delivery innovation and frameworks. Autonomy’s adaptive capabilities for the automotive industry are necessary to support the industry’s niche technologies and standards which also includes that of Quality Built in (QBI) QA, inspection, and governance frameworks to support automotive automation challenges. “Our test platforms are enabled to support V2X, ETSI (European), IEEE/SAE (U.S.) communications, and others for advanced services,” adds Ian Charlton MD & Co-Founder of PinnacleQM.

Powering the company’s testing portfolio is Enginuity—a cutting-edge test automation platform that facilitates the building of highly efficient products with fewer resources in less time, ultimately reducing costs.
Available as PaaS and fully Managed Service subscription models, the firm’s solutions are scalable regardless of technology and geared to address growing complexities in the automotive software expanse. Enginuity’s R&D program is investing significantly to further extend its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning prowess to develop field trial vehicles with key capabilities in processing real-time data from vehicles at run-time, isolating threat information and utilizing the data for automated testing of interconnected vehicle systems. “Enginuity will soon be able to automatically drive a given autonomous vehicle and trigger a series of predefined scenarios or completely randomized threat events to validate response processing,” informs Charlton. With its unparalleled passion and experience in the automotive and smart transportation industry, PinnacleQM is driving innovation and R&D into its own IP, frameworks, tools, and solutions to meet future technical challenges.

As vehicle intelligence increases with each passing day, with self-park, self-aware mechanism, challenges abound in the areas of communication, data integration, as well as risk and safety management. To this end, PinnacleQM offers an arsenal of solutions to validate devices, automated apps, and connectivity systems. PinnacleQM is currently working on improving customer experiences within autonomous vehicles arena encompassing cars, buses, and trains. With this, PinnacleQM is extending its technology and proactively growing its partner eco-system to deliver leading automated solutions that address the industry’s autonomous vehicle challenges.

Driving continuous improvement and delivery optimization eliminates waste and enables improved Agile, DevOps delivery and release management processes. With such an aptitude, PinnacleQM is ideally positioned to address the technology challenges in the automotive space. “Our innovations, partnerships, and R&D activities in leading technologies such as Enginuity enable us to support the automotive and smarter transportation, comprehensively,” concludes Jenn.



Ian Charlton, MD & Co-Founder and Gary Jenn, MD & Co-Founder

Quality management and test services specialists with deep experience in testing and ensuring a quality end user experience in the automotive industry