Pinoy Data Capture (PDC): Enhancing Contact Center Capabilities with a Hands-On Approach

Mario Fernandez, CEO and Frieda Fernandez, President
Contact centers are perpetually at the frontline of any organization to build customer relationships and trust. Enduring the aftermath of the pandemic, many organizations are looking to minimize overall spending on business operations. The burden on budgets has increased the trend of outsourcing contact center capabilities instead of having them in-house.

While various businesses provide contact center solutions, Pinoy Data Capture (PDC) stands apart by forging loyal and responsive relationships with clients and providing a one-stop shop for contact center, back-office processing, and IT services. They also have a unique social mission that motivates the company to perform for its customers.

“We are helping Filipinos gain access to a better life, and at the same time, we’re assisting companies to become more competitive and engage with their customers seamlessly,” says Fernandez. A small company-owned business, these principles are reflected through PDC’s services as it competes with some of the largest contact center organizations worldwide. The firm provides employment opportunities to help the citizens of the Philippines become financially stable and lead better lives. Placing transparency, integrity, and honesty at the heart of its offerings, PDC delivers personalized contact center services to improve efficiency and reduce overall costs.

“Through our services, we ensure our clients can compete at the highest level,” says Mario Fernandez, CEO of Pinoy Data Capture. Garnering knowledge of the client’s operations and people, Fernandez and his team follow a hands-on approach to deliver tailor-made, efficient, and accurate services to clients in the United States, Europe, and the Philippines. Unlike large contact center firms that follow tedious protocols to change processes, PDC responds to changes rapidly, ensuring the client’s operations are carried out seamlessly without any latency.

Through continuous and effective performance evaluation and extensive quality control, PDC adapts to the changes in customer interactions, consistently increasing performance and driving efficiency.
The firm manages inbound and outbound calls and provides consumer support capabilities through any desired channel, including social media, engaging clients at every touchpoint.

PDC offers comprehensive programming, designing, and testing services, complementing the backend and contact center processes with a well-experienced team of software developers. To assist clients in personalizing commercial off-the-shelf products to suit their workflows better, PDC develops custom-made software. It incorporates AI into the software to ease the burden on employees by automating mundane tasks and enabling them to focus on completing value-adding activities.

Leveraging Fernandez’s medical coding knowledge, PDC offers medical coding and back-office processes for hospitals to reduce the burden on clinician offices. It converts super bills from physicians into ICD-10/11 and CPT codes. These codes relay specifics like disease, symptoms, reason for the medical service, and the procedure used. The computerized codes enable hospitals to easily classify and index records, ensuring seamless data storage and retrieval.

Through our services, we ensure that our clients can compete at the highest level

A partnership with a medium-sized retail company showcases PDC’s comprehensive contact center capabilities. Working with numerous outsourcing partners, the firm emphasized its customer satisfaction scores. To improve customer interaction and, in turn, satisfaction scores, PDC analyzed the coaching practices and provided actionable insights to make the contact center and backend processes efficient. Delivering transparent advice and incorporating the changes in real-time, PDC’s customer satisfaction scores were the best among the retail company’s outsourced partners. PDC delivered the best services with the entire executive leadership team involved in the project, forging a long-term and fruitful partnership with the client.

Pinoy Data Capture (PDC)

Metro Manila, Philippines

Mario Fernandez, CEO and Frieda Fernandez, President

PDC is a leading Data Conversion, Medical Coding, and Business Process Outsourcing agency providing efficient and accurate services to the United States, Europe, and the Philippines.

Pinoy Data Capture (PDC)