Pioneer Communications Group: Committed to Customers and Safety

Ted Ness, Principal
Based in the Pacific Northwest, Pioneer Communications Group is comprised of a team of experienced project and construction managers, certified technicians, electricians, and designers that are committed to providing trustworthy and reliable service in a timely manner. In 1991, Nathan Pierce and his associates began to cultivate long-term connections with clients to assist them in meeting their management and construction goals. As a small business of 30-40 employees, the group focused on delivering trusted service and quality solutions. Pioneer Communications Group remains committed to the values on which the company was founded as they continue to build and maintain strong relationships with their customers.

For more than 20 years, Pioneer Communications Group has been providing project management, technical, and specialty construction services to wireless communication networks in the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain regions. The company helps design, build, and create working solutions for voice and data transport. “We know, challenges will arise, and when they do, we view it as an opportunity to provide solutions to our clients in unique circumstances. Our goal has always been to exceed our clients’ expectations in quality, speed, and professionalism,” states Ted Ness, Principal, Pioneer Communications Group.

The team has met this goal by placing an emphasis on the safety of their employees and best practices at project sites. They provide regular safety training and job site-specific training for their employees, ensuring that their crews become a part of a client’s overall safety solution. Additionally, they aggressively look for potential problems in an effort to live up to their “no accidents” goal. To this end, Pioneer Communications Group has teamed up with the Northwest Independent Contractors Association (NICA), a leading Washington state safety training organization, to ensure a company-wide safety culture.

With their turn-key experience in the lifecycle of in-building cellular reinforcement projects, Pioneer Communications Group helps its clients solve coverage gaps that reduce the efficiency of wireless communications and can potentially place life or property at risk.

Our goal has always been to exceed our clients’ expectations in quality, speed, and professionalism

The use of an in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) extends the availability of external wireless service indoors and is ideal for safety and security. Many cities are implementing ordinances that require reliable in-building wireless communications for public safety first responders in buildings exceeding height or size thresholds. Large venues, corporate headquarters, utilities, and oil and gas companies are seeking wireless DAS technologies and small cell technology that enables communications in hard-to-reach areas of generating stations and refineries.

Large-scale projects sometimes pose the difficult challenge of balancing capital-conscious infrastructure with life safety. Because of its extensive experience, Pioneer Communications Group is well positioned to assist customers with critical design considerations for in-building DAS systems. Ness explains, “Our experts work with clients to evaluate the design considerations of how in-building wireless systems can reduce the need for other communication systems within a facility—wireless, wired, video, security, and more.”

Working with large companies to evaluate the best balance of cost and performance for communications, Pioneer Communications Group offers a variety of solutions. Their highly skilled technicians provide services such as wireless networking, communications transport, microwave solutions, and fiber solutions. They also have an experienced group of project managers and construction managers, as well as OSHA certified crews, fully equipped to manage projects from the ground up, through lease review to site completion. With their diverse team of experts and variety of service offerings, Pioneer Communications Group has made a name for themselves as more than a wireless contracting company; they are a solution-oriented partner with a focus on safety.

Pioneer Communications Group

Woodinville, WA

Ted Ness, Principal and Brant Pierc, Co-owner & Ron Rippley, Operations Manager

Delivers trusted service and quality wireless solutions, putting customer safety above everything

Pioneer Communications Group