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Kevin Koon-Koon, CEO
AerospaceThe present-day courtroom processes involve a massive amount of paperwork which delays the proceedings and bears a negative impact on the citizens. Court personnel, including the judge, sheriff, prosecutor, and attorney, need efficient technologies that provide quick access to all case-related information, documents, and images to save time and serve the public better and faster. Catering to this need is the Florida-based Pioneer Technology Group. The company offers a court case management solution, Benchmark, to help courts go paperless (and paper-light) in handling document workflow, electronic signatures, batch processes, and electronic filings. Benchmark provides access to crucial information at their fingertips on-demand and in real-time. “With ‘care for customer’ as our core philosophy, we have developed a consultative and collaborative strategy through which we offer highly customized solutions that enhance the user experience,” says Kevin Koon-Koon, CEO of Pioneer Technology Group. “Our customer-centric approach and post-implementation support differentiate us in the market.” As a force multiplier, Pioneer does not just offer technology for technology’s sake but a solution that complements customers’ day-to-day operations in the best possible manner. Also, the company has a subsidiary named Pioneer Records Management, which specializes in document digitization and content management, adding further value. Driven by such a well-rounded approach, Pioneer helps its customers embrace digital technologies and transform for the better, in a frictionless manner.

At the outset of the customer engagement, Pioneer listens to them carefully and understands their business processes. “We review their processes, workflow, and customize our solution accordingly. We educate them on how best to leverage our solutions for maximum gains and user experience,” says Kevin. “At every stage of the client engagement process—before and after the solution implementation—we maintain consistent communication with customers, which is few and far between for technology providers in this space.”

With ‘care for customer’ as our core philosophy, we have developed a consultative and collaborative strategy through which we offer highly customized solutions that enhances user experience

Through Benchmark, the pre-court preparation gets more comfortable with few clicks. Pioneer has removed the previous courtroom processes, which involved a massive amount of administrative overhead and resource utilization for arranging pre-court documents. Generally, a specific trial needs several days to organize case-related paper files. Moreover, the courtroom has to utilize several systems to assess the data, creating chaos, and consuming the valuable time of the court as well as the citizens. With Benchmark’s In-Court Processing module, courts become completely paperless inside the courtroom. This user-friendly interface will replace the need to send physical files and documents for review and signatures by judicial and courtroom stakeholders. Case adjudication, payment processing, and post-court workflow happen in real-time, inside the courtroom eliminating hours of post-court cleanup.

Pioneer aids courts in eliminating multiple systems for managing cases, shreds of evidence, documents, finances, payments, and so on, saving cost and efficiently improving courtroom operations.

Pioneer strives to be at the forefront of innovation by working closely with its customers and building customized solutions based on their evolving requirements. The company has an R&D team that focuses on the ongoing trends in the market and legislative arena.

Pioneer Technology Group

Sanford, FL

Kevin Koon-Koon, CEO

All over a country, local authorities and governments are struggling to provide public facilities for flat or decreasing revenues. Pioneer Technology Group (PTG) is a proprietary developer of technology that addresses this challenge, delivers focused technology alternatives that enhance efficiency, enhance service, and cut cost across a broad range of public organizations. PTG offers advice in the field of communication, processing and governance of digital documentation. PTG provides technology alternatives that satisfy county and local government real-world requires across the country. PTG has expertise in system design and development, integration and implementation