Pipkins: Efficient Workforce Management to Streamline Contact Center Operations

James Pipkins, President and CEO
In this epoch of globalization, organizations are constantly in pursuit of innovative solutions to strengthen their internal communication processes for increasing overall customer experience and maximizing profitability. According to James Pipkins, President and CEO, Pipkins, “Client satisfaction is one of the most critical components on any executive’s mind today and empowering front-line representatives with appropriate tools simplifies the procedure.” Consequently, organizations need to improve their respective contact center operations for achieving desired goals. Today, CIOs are seeking capable contact center solutions that integrate latest trends such as Omni-channel access, workforce optimization, automation, and amalgamation between contact centers and marketing efforts. However, the prime challenge boils down to attaining an agile environment for improving workflow management without compromising on internal communication, agent performance, and security. To fulfill this requisite, Pipkins—a provider of workforce management software—has been delivering contact centers with advanced forecasting and scheduling technology for handling both the front and back office operations. “We have solutions that facilitate these requirements and help improve the quality of the workforce management,” says Pipkins.

Since its inception, Pipkins has developed numerous solutions to empower contact center operations and every aspect of workforce administration experience. Pipkin’s Spreadsheet Performance Management (SPM) solution consolidates real-time performance data into customizable reporting and dashboards to derive actionable results. The solution also helps deliver real-time KPI’s, and automates reporting processes. “Our Spreadsheet Performance Management streamlines manual reporting processes, saving hours of time to effectively deliver multiple reports for organizations,” says Pipkins.

Additionally, Pipkins Real Time Adherence helps organizations achieve optimal workforce management ensuring maximum productivity. With the solution, contact centers have the ability to adeptly manage agents by proactively monitoring them in real-time. In addition, it facilitates real-time adherence through web and smartphone access, distributes KPI's in real-time to agents as well as management dashboards. “We have implemented automation throughout our real time adherence system to improve workforce efficiency and prevent the need for direct user interaction,” explains Pipkins.

Over the past three decades, Pipkins has constantly delivered advanced workforce management solutions to a spectrum of industries, from financial services and health care to manufacturing, travel, and telecommunications. For instance, in 2014, Pipkins helped FedEx, an American global courier delivery services company, to create an analytics interface. This assisted FedEx by giving them a live feed of queue data to efficiently manage their workforce. “After implementing the analytics interface, FedEx have been able to attain an agile environment for improving workforce management,” extols Pipkins.
With its distinct expertise in the contact center landscape, Pipkins streamlines all aspects of workforce management to help clients achieve unmatched results. One of the important ideologies of the company is to constantly innovate, refine, and improve their products to help businesses rapidly employ lean principles for workforce optimization. “We leverage current technological advancements into an integrated system, while providing unrivaled customer service,” affirms Pipkins.

Our Spreadsheet Performance Management streamlines manual reporting processes, saving hours of time to effectively deliver multiple reports for organizations

Pipkins is focused on improving work-from-home and traditional market environments by monitoring various aspects of their workforce apart from traditional scheduling and forecasting processes. Presently, the team at Pipkins is working on integrating media services and speech analytics into their current offerings. These automated systems will provide the appropriate tools required to improve communication between agents and managers. “Our plan is to provide a full suite of media solutions to contact centers from audio and video monitoring, video training, speech analytics, and screen sharing to provide suppleness in workforce infrastructure.


Chesterfield, MO

James Pipkins, President and CEO

Provider of advanced forecasting and scheduling technology to contact centers for handling both the front and back office operations.