PixelMEDIA: Direct Channel to Consumers

Erik Dodier, Co-founder & CEO and Thomas Obrey, Co-founder & CTO
PixelMEDIA helps brands launch, manage, and grow their ecommerce business. This simple statement adopted in 2015 has helped Pixel transform from a general web services business with a handful of ecommerce clients, to one of the top North American partners helping major brands grow their ecommerce business on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. PixelMEDIA has a knack for building a business model of technical expertise to foster solid client partnerships through an ever-changing marketplace. “As the retail space shifts to online shopping, organizations seek ecommerce growth and are looking for mentorship, guidance, and expert advice to up their game, utilize their skills better, and identify opportunities for scale. That’s where we come in,” explains Thomas Obrey, Co-founder and CTO of PixelMEDIA. “We have shifted our business to best nurture the relationships with our clients, as well as our business partners.” Those business relationships include a Premier Partnership status with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formally known as Demandware). PixelMEDIA leverages the SFCC technology for lifestyle brands and elevates the online experience for their customers by offering strategy, architect, and design direction from the initial stand-up, to implementation, and support.

While tech giant Amazon is changing the way people buy everyday items, established and new brands need to build a strong and direct connection to their consumers. “PixelMEDIA offers one-to-one channelization to customize each customer journey, thus allowing brands to exercise 100 percent control of their consumers experience through their website,” adds Erik Dodier, Co-founder and CEO of PixelMEDIA. Understanding the value of a personalized brand experience for its ecommerce clients, PixelMEDIA has narrowed focus to one aspect: building strong relationships to enable brands to actualize direct-to-consumer growth through ecommerce. They create individual brand success with a rich expertise in digital marketing, user experience (UX) and systems integration (SI) in the SFCC environment.

For over two decades PixelMEDIA has had a stronghold in the market as the ecommerce solution provider for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C clients. They rank high as a top Salesforce service provider.

Pixel helps lifestyle brands launch, manage, and grow their ecommerce business

“Clients are looking for SI specialists, who directly impact conversion optimization. The way we perform Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) has a major impact on our ability to manage and support it over a long term. Our approach involves being organic in understanding what is unique to a client, what their skillset is, and bringing the right people in to do that,” continues Obrey.

Strong lifestyle brands, Samsonite, Bauer Hockey, Vibram, Company Store and Gardener’s Supply have chosen PixelMEDIA to implement and manage the tools needed to receive real-time ROI and conversion rate insights anytime, anywhere. A long-standing brand working with PixelMEDIA is Stonewall Kitchen. PixelMEDIA implemented their SFCC stand-up, while facilitating a full business strategy combined with UX and development, payment, order management system (OMS), and email integration. Additional development to drive brand experience includes an on-premise Customer Service Application, simultaneously incorporating content and commerce merchandising. “Our team collaborated at all levels of the project with the executive and ecommerce team, which resulted in a 20 percent growth in revenue generation as compared to the revenue generated from the previous platform,” says Dodier.

PixelMEDIA clients also utilize their digital marketing team, which optimizes customer engagement and brand awareness through Paid Search Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Content Development and Email Campaigns. “We empower our brands to connect directly with their customers and business partners while offering real-time insights to drive ecommerce,” states Obrey. With aggressive expansion plans, PixelMEDIA continues to drive the ecommerce brand experience forward and further growth with the addition of other Salesforce ecommerce products, enhanced monitoring, and testing tools.


Portsmouth, NH

Erik Dodier, Co-founder & CEO and Thomas Obrey, Co-founder & CTO

Assists lifestyle brands launch, manage, and grow their ecommerce business on Salesforce Commerce Cloud