PIXIA Corp.: Meeting Interoperability through Data Access and Dissemination

Rudi Ernst, Co-Founder, CEO & CTO
After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Rudi Ernst and Patrick Ernst, co-founders of PIXIA, realized an intense need for better access and dissemination of high volumes of multi-source geospatial data among defense, security and intelligence agencies. This prompted the dynamic duo to switch focus from the tourism industry to national security where they could apply their core intellectual property to solve data access issues like breaking through data bottlenecks, connecting data from disconnected sources, accessing data across stovepipes and enabling massive data access to remote locations around the globe. This became the foundation for establishing PIXIA as a provider of intelligent geospatial data access solutions.

According to Rudi Ernst, CEO, the greatest challenge in the current market is interoperability and scalability of massive data. “Organizations face difficulties in timely extraction of information, as huge amounts of data continuously comes in. These huge data volumes make it difficult to parse through in a reasonable amount of time to gain the information users need, when and how they need it. It’s a question of scalability and performance which are PIXIA’s sweet spots,” says Ernst.

PIXIA’s patented core technology is the basis of three products HiPER LOOK, HiPER STARE and HiPER WATCH. These products are used by national security organizations to ingest and drive access to massive volumes of data gathered from intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions around the world. These products are popular because they substantially improve the amount of geospatial data that can be accessed in less time by thousands of users while reducing the need to copy data to local environments. In addition, all PIXIA technology employs international open data standards and RESTful web services to help commercial, government, public and private users gain knowledge from all geospatial data regardless of how much they have, where its stored, the tools they useor the size of datasets.

PIXIA’s HiPER LOOK product provides unprecedented speed and access to massive amounts of imagery and on-demand data-as-a-service (DaaS) that scales to thousands of concurrent users and petabytes+ of data.
It also provides near realtime patching of sparse layers as new data becomes available across federated data sources serving enterprise levels to self-contained solutions for mobile users.

We are the only company that focuses solely on high-performance data access and dissemination

The HiPER STARE product is the international premier solution for Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) data. This solution is designed to work with the most advanced ISR systems. HiPER STARE catalogs, organizes and shares large volumes of WAMI within a services oriented architecture adhering to OGC standards. It transforms source data to frame or stream-based feeds with options to access large data directly from airborne platforms.

Finally, HiPER WATCH is a full motion video solution that scales to multiple uncompressed HD streams of FMV data. It catalogs and organizes thousands of raw feeds into consolidated layers, allows inject of metadata into non-compliant streams to enable search and discovery and has open API to integrate with existing exploitation tools.

PIXIA is involved in projects supporting federal law enforcement to creating access to heavy geospatial data across multiple continents to support activities in Africa. PIXIA’s mantra is adaptability and they demonstrate it by providing a range of options from enterprisewide multi-source ingest solutions, to mobile options, to accessing data directly from the collector.

PIXIA keeps ahead of their competitors by constantly identifying problems related to data access and interoperability, and sharpening their solutions to address these problems. Ernst claims PIXIA is the only company with a sole focus on high-performance data access. In the near future, as nearly every sector realizes the power of geospatial data, PIXIA is well positioned to solve a wide range of data access problems outside their core sectors. They plan to expand into other areas like telecommunications, finance, oil, gas and public safety to help agencies make their investments inmassive volumes of multisource geospatial data work for them.


Reston, VA

Rudi Ernst, Co-Founder, CEO & CTO and Patrick Ernst, Co-Founder & COO

PIXIA Corporation is the industry leader in high-performance scalable data access solutions for a variety of high-volume data problems