PKA Technologies, Inc:Achieving Unsurpassed Technical Expertise for Public Sector IT Infrastructures

Felise Katz, CEO
Felise Katz loves to triumph over difficult challenges. She com¬pares managing a high-tech business to mountain climbing in the Himalayas. “Reaching the summit is not child’s play,” explains Felise. “It’s a difficult journey full of hardship and risks so, it is critical to chart a course along the way which will help track progress and celebrate milestones,” she adds. With the same vision to achieve success, she drives PKA Technologies—her WBE company that provides the highest level of technical expertise on major IT infrastructure technologies and software applications.

Organizations in the public sec¬tor are facing aging IT infrastructures, limited in-house expertise, and shrinking budgets. This leads to challenges in keeping current with the public’s clamoring demand for more information and immediate results. PKA’s solution architects assist by developing budget friendly, state-of-the-art solutions for public sector clients in NY, NJ, and CT.

Headquartered in Suffern, NY, the company’s mission is to set a high accomplishment bar for their clients. For over 20 years, PKA has succeeded in supporting both public sector and commercial clients. The company specializes in providing the next generation of Con¬verged Infrastructure servers, enterprise storage, Big Data solutions, virtualization, networking, and security solutions that that are a key component of every organization.

PKA’s has strong alliances with HP, Intel, VMware, and many other leading IT vendors. They focus on improving clients’ efficiencies in the data center and IT infrastructure; whether on premise or remote–COLO (co-located) or in the cloud. As an HP Platinum Partner, PKA has demonstrated the commitment to train and certify their entire sales and engineering team to reach that highest level of achievement.

Among PKA’s specific specializations is implementing the latest line of high performance servers–the HP Gen 9 ProLiant line and the new HP Superdome X; which has breakthrough compute performance with extreme high-scalability and efficiency. The need for storage is explosive; providing clients with solid state flash technology solutions (which replaces traditional spinning disks at competitive prices while providing high¬er performance) is mission-critical at PKA.
To protect the data that is collected and maintained, PKA’s staff includes experts that can provide security for client devices as well as protecting the network from intrusions and breaches. PKA’s Big Data experts develop solutions that analyze collected data to produce timely, useful, actionable information, and clear insight to help serve the public.

Taking complexity and cost out of IT by applying Passion, Knowledge, and Ability will always be the hallmark of our success

In a recent implementation, PKA Technologies worked with a university spread over four campuses with 12,000 students to install a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI) solution. “The university was having problems with man¬aging their data center and aging infra¬structure,” Katz explained. “Together with our VDI solution, they now have full control of thousands of their desktop devices, with enhanced security and performance, and will benefit from reduced energy and lower maintenance costs in their data center.”

PKA maintains a demo center where customers and engineers can come to view and experiment with emerging technologies. “In addition to constant technical training, we teach our people how to listen and observe, and that skill is a huge differentiating aspect of PKA as we assist clients moving from older legacy technologies to current solutions,” says Katz.

Moving forward, PKA Technologies strives to build tighter relationships with their clients and vendor partners to pro¬vide the best-in-breed in IT solutions. “I want to continue to surround myself with the best and brightest technologists and I look forward to the future as we expand into new territories and continue the as¬cent up the mountain,” concludes Katz.

PKA Technologies

Suffern, NY

Felise Katz, CEO

A company that specializes in providing the next generation of converged infrastructure servers, storage, security, network infrastructure, and Big Data solutions that are help organizations to be more efficient in providing reliable, affordable and secure service to the public