PLACE: Delivering a Comprehensive Real Estate Platform

Ben Kinney, Co-Founder
Recent statistics on the real estate industry show that more transactions are being done by a few professionals who excel at delivering exceptional consumer experiences. In order for real estate agents to stay relevant and competitive, they must undergo the much-needed transition; from a real estate salesperson to a home ownership consultant. Needless to say, the inability to provide end-to-end services according to clients’ varying needs puts them in a tough spot.

This is where PLACE comes in.

As the provider of the industry's only all-in-one real estate platform, PLACE eliminates the need for agents to toggle between multiple platforms and tools to deliver best-in-class services to customers. With the PLACE platform, real-estate companies can streamline their operations and communications to remain competitive and establish strong, long-term customer relationships.

“Through our platform, we support the nation’s top sales people progress in their careers and build great businesses,” says Ben Kinney, the Co-Founder of PLACE.

PLACE predominantly focuses on partnerships that drive profitability for capital inefficient, low-margin businesses encumbered with long-term liabilities. The company provides a tech-enabled consumer experience to their real estate professionals while also enabling them to solve the most common challenges that hold real estate businesses back. This includes finding and hiring the right talent, retaining their top producers, implementing advanced technologies and systems, increasing per-agent productivity, and driving growth and profitability.

Dedicated to taking care of clients’ needs in all ways possible, PLACE has engineered its platform to be visually delightful and functional while optimizing the experience for generating buyer, seller, and recruiting leads.
Consumers can search for homes, sign up for listing alerts, browse top areas, learn more about the local agents, and discover the value of their homes by leveraging the easy-to-use, all-inclusive real estate platform.

PLACE’s ability to augment a client’s business growth and opportunity can be showcased by the work done by its team in Austin, Texas. Prior to joining PLACE, the client’s annual revenue was approximately $900,000, of which the team leader himself did 86 percent. The company’s robust real estate platform helped the team increase their revenue to approximately $3 million. More importantly, the team leader’s production was reduced to just a handful of deals a year, less than 20 percent.

PLACE is more than a business, it is an ecosystem of growth, opportunity, and wealth building

While the impact on the owner was positive, the more impactful story is how this growth and PLACE's Opportunity Model are powering business and leadership opportunities for real estate agents. There are now multiple six-figure earners on the team who are building their teams within the team. In addition, they receive PLACE benefits such as company subsidized health insurance for real estate agent 1099 contractors, revenue share, and other investment/wealth-building opportunities.

“PLACE is more than a business, it is an ecosystem of growth, opportunity, and wealth building,” states Kinney.

As an initial step towards augmenting its future business, PLACE has recently welcomed Emiliano Delucia as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With more than two decades of experience delivering scalable software applications for startups and legacy corporations such as Halliburton, Delucia will help PLACE build on an already successful technology division while growing new business initiatives at an enterprise level.


Bellingham, Washington

Ben Kinney, Co-Founder

PLACE is the industry's only all-in-one real estate platform providing technology and services to the top one percent of real estate agents, delivering unparalleled consumer experiences. The PLACE technology platform empowers real estate agents to do more business with everything in one place.