Planisware: Integrating Strategy with Execution

Pierre Demonsant, Founder & CEO
We see a trend in the corporate world where all projects, whether IT or product related, are coming under increased scrutiny to ensure they are in line with corporate objectives and profit goals,” starts Pierre Demonsant, Founder and CEO of Planisware. “We are also witnessing a need from our customers towards a more enterprise-wide or corporate portfolio management solution that encompasses both IT and product development.” To address these needs, Planisware develops technology solutions that help companies to more effectively manage their New Product Development, Research and Development, Information Technology, and Continuous Improvement Projects. Based in San Francisco, CA, the firm offers enterprise Project and Product Portfolio Management (PPM) software to support end-to-end innovation and product development lifecycle from building a strategy to planning and execution.

“We are finding that small and mid-sized organizations are fighting an uphill battle to gain a competitive edge over their peers,” notes Demonsant. To this need, the San Francisco, CA based firm’s software suite offers end-to-end support for the full innovation management life cycle on a fully integrated platform, helping customers reduce operational costs, optimize business processes, and increase portfolio value. As cost management and budget control is one of the crucial parts of project management process, the Planisware software simplifies budget and its management by enabling users to track ongoing internal and external expenses. Furthermore, an advanced billing and invoicing module supports any user-defined resource cost rates and cost escalations.

Additionally, Planisware is deft in handling on-going business process improvement by providing better visibility over all the projects with the help of simple dashboards to allow organizations to review the progress of projects in light of environment changes, new risks, and opportunities. Predefined views in Planisware make it simple to review changes, risks and opportunities, and trends that concern schedule changes, cost consumption, and key performance indicators. This is turn builds trust around the system, increases frequency of use, and results sending frequent updates.

V6, a radically redesigned user interface delivers a new, minimalist look that enables users to focus more on the data, and less on the tool itself

Planisware also provides a Web-based interface through which users can receive up-to-date information. This extends the access to data from anywhere and provides a centralized, shared database for all information. Moreover, it allows team members to collaborate on shared activities, improving the development of projects, identifying problems at an early stage, and encouraging solutions or improvements to come to the forefront.

V6—complete refresh of Planisware’s flagship PPM solution, offers a new user interface, additional features, and improved scalability and performance. The radically redesigned user interface delivers a new, minimalist look that enables users to focus more on the data, and less on the tool itself. Additionally, the new design is optimized for use with touch screen devices, and allows users to increase their workspace at their own pace. Leveraging symmetric multi-processing and in-memory computing the V6 architecture significantly improves the software performance.

“Planisware is currently experiencing momentum in the market, something we look forward to continuing through innovation,” says Demonsant. The company serves over 290 organizations across four continents and their customer base includes 40 percent of the top 60 R&D spenders worldwide and includes industry giants such as Ford, Philips, Pfizer, Airbus, DuPont, and Shell. Planisware will continue its commitment to innovation excellence with new product enhancements in business intelligence, increased best practice and coaching support services, private cloud installations, and exclusive customer events.


San Francisco, CA

Pierre Demonsant, Founder & CEO

Offers enterprise Project and Product Portfolio Management software supporting the end-to-end innovation and product development lifecycle