PlanPlus Online: CRM with a Deep Focus on Organizational Culture “The Biggest Reason CRM Implementations fail is Organizational Culture”

Keith Norris, CEO
Effective leadership is largely about creating a culture of high performance by motivating and empowering the workforce to achieve organizational goals and objectives. In today’s world of dispersed workforces, borderless global business, competing priorities, strapped resources, and bombarding online inputs, organizations forget that ROI has more to with their culture and implementation, than the tools. “Why does the same piece of software work in one company and is heralded as a huge success with case studies written about it, and is a total failure over budget and over time in another? The difference is of culture,” says Keith Norris, CEO, PlanPlus Online. Based in Salt Lake City, UT, the company is a provider of Custom CRM software and Culture-Centric Productivity tools. Norris stresses on building a ‘culture of productivity’ across his clients’ organizations as he says, “We weave culture throughout the onboarding process.We start with our methodology built of The 5 Building Blocks of Culture.” PlanPlus Online incorporates culture building habits and rituals around the software implementations to create what they refer to as a ‘Culture of Productivity’. “It's really a habit that needs to be created. So, our software helps develop those habits and can be the backbone,” explains Norris.

The company’s flagship solution-PlanPlus Online is a cloudbased suite of products that focuses on operational problems for businesses and single users alike. The personal version has wizards for identifying one's missions, values, and extracting goals. In addition, the suite has a task-list calendar and notes features. The Professional Edition is a primarily made for independent direct sales professionals such as Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Financial Planners, Direct Sales, and other professional trades and, offers additional contact management, project management functionality. The Business Edition caters to the small to midsize enterprise CRM market. Its core functionalities includes contacts and accounts, sales opportunities, and pipeline management. “One of our most unique features is our Process Builder which provides a platform for people to build customized workflows and automate task triggers, most useful for long sales cycle and a complex workflow,” says Norris.
In addition, the suite has email marketing integration, project management features, web form builders and customer support helpdesk features - giving the management a single view of their customer database. “Each of the editions has the personal enduser productivity suite similar to that of the personal edition having the mission statement, the values, and the goals to help people align their productivity with their purpose,” adds Norris. The most distinctive feature of PlanPlus Online is the customizable workflow. The way PlanPlus Online integrates all the different activities across sales, marketing, projects into the task list to create a unified productivity dashboard is unique. “We stress on creating a culture of productivity as a piece of software has no value until the organization figures it how to make the most out of it,” re-iterates Norris.

The most important part of any software implementation is developing the right culture for the tools to get traction. We don’t just sell software; we help companies build a ‘Culture of Productivity’

One of PlanPlus Online’s customers, a transportation brokerage firm has been deploying PlanPlus Online as their CRM tool since, their inception. Starting with just 25 employees, the company has grown over 300 people today. Over time the needs of that company have changed and PlanPlus Online has been able to adjust and help develop a very customized solution for over seven years now. PlanPlus Online also has a large presence in the Real Estate market by providing Client and Lead Management, Transaction Management, and Marketing through the website www. PlanPlus Online is currently extending its offerings to allow third-party integration with the aim of a seamless experience for its customers across platforms. “We are also working on a line of culture-centric Productivity tools as well,” concludes Norris.

PlanPlus Online

Salt Lake City, UT

Keith Norris, CEO

A provider of Custom CRM Software at a fraction of the typical cost. Modules include Sales and Marketing Automation, Project Management, Helpdesk,Time & Billing,Personal Productivity, and Culture. With expertise in Real Estate, Finance, Healthcare, insurance, Manufacturing,Distribution, and Logistics.