PlanSource: Health Exchange and Benefits Technology Experts

Dayne Williams, the CEO of PlanSource® is a football enthusiast who played football for Florida State University. Football, he says, ignited his hunger for success, aptitude for competition, and desire for innovation. Williams uses the same points to steer PlanSource, a company that revolutionizes the way health insurance and other employee benefits are bought, sold, and managed with its health exchange and benefits engagement platform. “With health benefits, consumers understand that they need to be covered, but don’t know how much coverage they need, which plan is best for them, and how to use their plan once they’ve enrolled,” begins Williams. In case of voluntary benefits, it gets even more complex, as consumers don’t even know if they need the product and how the product works in conjunction with their other benefits. “At PlanSource, we help consumers understand the benefits offered to them and make the right choices based on their unique needs,” he adds. As the CEO, Williams brings in his competitive spirit and extensive background in product and business development from technology, staffing and insurance industries to continuously improve on how benefits are bought and sold.

PlanSource offers an extensive suite of decision support tools that help consumers determine the right plan based on their unique situation and preferences. “Our decision support tools help consumers select all of their benefits through access to personalized content and videos within the shopping process,” says Williams. Being a SaaS platform, PlanSource keeps up with constantly changing industry trends that include exchange solutions for both the public and private sectors, and consumer preferences toward online selfservice and mobile-friendly applications.

The PlanSource technology platform also comes with a full suite of compliance tools for the Affordable Care Act, whose intensive measurement reporting requirements are causing heartache to employers of all shapes and sizes.

PlanSource has experience with all different types of exchanges—public exchanges as well as private exchanges sponsored by one or more brokers, insurance carriers or consultancies.
The PlanSource exchange platform, OneMarket™, offers easy setup and implementation, with out-of-the-box capabilities to reduce deployment cost and enhance speed to market. “We offer choice, ranging from a white-label exchange for brokers or large enterprises who want to build their own branded insurance marketplace to an option to join an existing, national exchange that allows for rapid deployment and turnkey implementation,” says Williams. Furthermore, Benef itsOne™, PlanSource’s secure, state-of-the- art benefits administration solution is designed for employers and provides benefits shopping, enrollment, and billing. Additionally, PlanSource OneConnect™ is a technology platform for insurance carriers and other strategic partners. Through OneConnect, companies can choose the manner in which they want to roll out the platform to their customer base.

We help consumers understand the benefits that are offered to them, and make the right choices based upon their unique needs

The company fosters an innovative, cutting-edge mentality and encourages organizations to embrace change with continual improvement in everything they do. PlanSource has helped insurance carriers improve penetration, employee participation and client retention. For instance, they helped a leading voluntary benefits provider increase employee participation rates by 30 percent. In another example, a public exchange sponsor was looking for a new technology platform to fully automate the shopping and enrollment process for small employers. They selected PlanSource and four months later, the PlanSource technology was up and running in advance of the busy open enrollment season. Moving forward, PlanSource aims to make big investments in consumerism and analytics. “We want to use analytics, not only to perfect the experience for the consumer, but also to provide insights to all our partners on how they can maximize sales and overall engagement with their customers,” concludes Williams.


PlanSource provides the industry’s most flexible and extensible health exchange and benefits engagement platform in the cloud