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Patrick Benson, Chief Revenue Officer
As we move deeper into the digital era of innovation, organizations are assimilating the advantage of the cloud to transform their businesses and offer services at a cheaper cost with greater operational efficiency. However, the inadequacy of technical expertise and application knowledge required to manage migrations and decommissioning projects from start to the end successfully makes cloud-driven initiatives and technology transformation initiatives cumbersome and expensive. More importantly, during mergers and acquisitions (M&A), firms fail to rationalize and evaluate technological infrastructures of the companies that they acquire, consequently, acquiring a significant amount of technology debt that is not fully understood. Examples are purchasing redundant applications and systems, a large amount of legacy (read-only) systems that have governance and compliance implications. Such instances result in increased overall operational cost and compliance risk. A recent report by DELL Technologies highlights some of these overheads incurred by companies worldwide. A typical large enterprise portfolio includes 2000 applications that cost $651,000,000 annually, and up to 20 percent of them are scheduled to be decommissioned.

Addressing these pain-points, Platform 3 Solutions—a specialist in application portfolio management—assists businesses in migrating, archiving, and decommissioning applications to reduce cost and simplify business. The company has built a wide range of process capabilities, tools, and methodologies to carry out application portfolio assessments and rationalize IT systems. Platform 3 has a proprietary Decommissioning Framework proven to enhance organizations’ day-to-day business operations. Platform 3 Solutions also helps firms to reduce operational cost and complexities by cleaning up legacy IT systems accumulated over the years or through M&A that are inefficiency, costly and pose governance risks. “We focus on assisting businesses in successfully reducing IT costs, maintaining adequate governance, and nurturing digital transformations,” states Patrick Benson, chief revenue officer of Platform 3 Solutions.

Platform 3 Solutions empowers companies to adopt various new technologies and enhance business operations. It analyzes software that are likely to be acquired or purchased and creates a comprehensive understanding of the applications and information sets that should be migrated, merged, archived, or purged.

We focus on helping businesses successfully reduce IT costs, maintain adequate governance, and nurture digital transformations

“We help firms with a technological assessment of applications, database, and digital assets to make conclusive decisions while purchasing, retaining, or retiring systems,” adds Benson. Platform 3 Solutions can execute real-time archiving of data for the decommissioning of traditional, outdated infrastructures while retaining business context, referential integrity, and chain of custody within clients’ infrastructure. This enables organizations to comply with and govern things like legal holds, data retention and disposition rules, GDPR, HIPAA, PII, and many other regulations. The company further offers an indigenously developed Application— Archon—a database profiling and analytics engine which connects to applications and data sources to build referential data context, relationship mapping, chain of custody to provide actionable intelligence for migrations, archiving and decommissioning. Without this insight into data and applications, companies incur excess cost, complexities and risk in their environment.

Over the years, the company has gained expertise in analyzing, migrating and retiring 1000s of applications by collaborating with numerous Fortune 500 organizations to improve operational productivity. As a result, Platform 3 Solutions has developed a unique Decommissioning Framework and Application-Archon-that sets them apart in Digital Transformation, M and A, and Migrations.

“The next step in our evolution automating our digital transformation engine Archon, by adding machine learning (ML) and building patterns of applications’ datasets,” states Benson. Platform 3 Solutions realizes the potential of ML, and therefore, is actively working toward improving the speed and accuracy of data analysis with pattern matching and AI. Further, the firm is exploring new genres of application portfolio management other than migrating, archiving, and retiring to support organizations in overcoming data related bottlenecks and empower them to achieve business objectives.

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Patrick Benson, Chief Revenue Officer

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