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Dapo Salami, Executive Director, Business Development
Too often, companies consider cloud migration and cybersecurity as separate projects, with differ¬ent teams focused on different phases. It should ideally become one shared project to minimize the risks, during and after the project.

But this approach is seldom employed because bringing together cloud and security specialists requires working with shared goals that balance the IT, security, and end consumers’ needs.

Platview Technologies has built its company from the ground up with expertise to enable just that. It is one of the leading providers of innovative and agile security-first services and technologies.

“We offer organizations with unrivaled real-time visibility on data and threat protection when accessing cloud services or applications,” says Dapo Salami, Executive Director of Business Development at Platview Technologies.

Platview’s IT team is driven to support and accelerate an organization’s expansion of a hybrid workforce and continued migration to the cloud by helping them rethink their security approach from the inside out. It starts with the implementation of a zero-trust framework. Building zero-trust principles directly into modern applications using strong authentication methods and better network segmentation that allows for early threat detection and reduced attack surfaces.

This framework is becoming key to securing applications in today’s multi-cloud IT architecture. But the zero-trust approach should be supported by a unified security policy. One of Platview’s offerings, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), is focused on enabling this, by coalescing the security policies across its client’s multi-cloud infrastructure.

The same approaches are helping Platview implement strong identities and isolate threats for large-scale IoT deployments. It can be a bit trickier because securing IoT devices presents a couple of additional layers of complexity due to its incredible diversity in design, hardware, operating systems, deployment locations, and more.
Combining zero trust security framework with the principle of least privilege (PoLP), backed by strong identity and access management (IAM) tools and policies, Platview offers not just greater IoT device visibility, it creates micro-perimeters to protect IoT devices by limiting their network access.

The digital transformation era has brought a new paradigm shift to cyber security, with APIs at the center of this concept, Platview provides value-add services securing APIs and all the data along its path and location; database, web application and etc.

We offer organizations unrivaled real-time visibility on data and threat protection when accessing cloud services or applications

These are but a few of the ways Platview Technologies is rethinking cybersecurity for its clients. Driven by its values, Platview has become one of the leading innovators of technology solutions in Nigeria for a broad spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, financial services, retail, education, and government. Financial institutions are among its key clientele.

In one instance, it helped a Nigerian bank that was hit by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Not understanding where the attack came from and how to stop it, the bank turned to Platview for help. Platview immediately implemented a cloud-based web application and database security to protect existing data from the grips of the attack, while simultaneously searching for the source. So, the client never had to shut down their systems to manually block the attacker. At the same time, Platview also provided all sorts of analytics to the client on the type and the impact of the attack, which helped the client be more well-prepared for the future.

With integrity and accountability at the heart of its business, Platview Technologies maintains the highest ethical standards in everything they do. Their clients are at the center of their workflow, and the company is committed to achieving excellence in safeguarding business by simplifying cybersecurity challenges.

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Lagos, Nigeria

Dapo Salami, Executive Director, Business Development and Benjamin Okwuokenye, Director, Sales and Marketing

Platview Technologies offers end-to-end, enterprise-class IT solutions, including managed services, professional services, IT hardware, and telepresence services. They are an innovative and agile cybersecurity company to safeguard businesses with its world-class, industry-leading services and technology solutions

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