Plex Sytems: Cost-Effective Bi-directional Connectivity through Automation

Jason Blessing, CEO
There has been a significant shift in the technological landscape; resulting changes like digitization that has impacted the working equations in the manufacturing companies, driving them to achieve business objectives. Many cloud-enabled integrated solution providers have emerged to contribute to comprehensive manufacturing and understand ways to bridge the gap between the assets on the shop floor and the IT systems within the organizations. Plex, a Troy, MI-based firm, provides complete cloud-enabled system, designed to power modern manufacturers to have maximum efficiency, productivity, and visibility, while supporting continuous innovation. “Manufacturers are often tempted to implement ERP software into their financial, accounting, and internal systems. Plex offers a single ERP platform to helps organizations streamline all their manufacturing operations,” Jason Blessing, CEO, Plex.

We built Plex, to track measure and automate, then updating the software and iterating again

Plex’s flagship product, Manufacturing Execution System (MES)—takes charge and controls the shop floor execution with end-to-end inventory traceability, closed-loop quality, and a real-time production ecosystem. The solution, help enterprises by delivering cost effective bi-directional connectivity and control, wirelessly communicate with plant-floor machines while quickly performing all these functions with a common, intuitive control panel that captures real-time production. “The Plex’s MES starts working where most ERP systems leave off and deliver a unique synergy of real-time production management for up-to-the-minute manufacturing data that enables end-to-end visibility of inventory,” points out Blessing.

Plex individuates itself by offering enterprise-class reliability, security, maintenance, and support at cost-effective rates. The company also provides unlimited scalability and faster time-to-value solutions preventing the need to undergo any costly upgrade. Plex’s products are built with a state-of-the-art, intuitive user interface for maximum advantage of cloud computing. At the same time, the products’ easy-to-learn and easy-to-use characteristic sets them apart from their counterparts in the manufacturing domain.

Like in the case of Shape Corp. a full service, tier-one supplier that designs, engineers, tests, and manufactures metal and plastic products. “We built Plex walking between the shop floor and the boardroom, after understanding what is needed to track, measure, automate and then updating the software accordingly. This model of continuous innovation still serves as the foundation of Plex solutions today,” claims Blessing.
In one of the instances, Shape’s middle management required new ERP system. After rigorously evaluating 15 potential vendors, Shape approached Plex.

The client rolled out the Plex Manufacturing Cloud capabilities across its entire operations and with the deployment of timescales, as a true cloud ERP they were able to get new sites up and run with standard processes in just two weeks. With cross-operational data so readily available, Shape used Plex as its sales forecasting tool that enabled the firm to model and plan its capacity requirements for the future. As a result the customer was able to achieve real, measurable performance that translated into profits.

As the cloud becomes the new standard for enterprise software, Plex continues to evolve and brings new solutions to support growing, global manufacturers. “The cloud is becoming the core platform to rapidly integrate new technologies and achieve competitive advantage, to drive plant connectivity and process efficiency. We designed the Plex manufacturing cloud to help companies push the limits of what is possible and carry forward this vision to the future,” concludes Blessing.

Plex Sytems

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Jason Blessing, CEO

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