Plexada System Integrators: Streamlining Operations for CRM with Oracle Cloud Technology

Bola Lawal, Partner
In the current technologically driven world, companies are coping to meet the rising expectations of both customers and partners while driving their business towards profitability. With solutions tailored for various industry sectors, Oracle offers enterprises end-to-end solutions that deliver great customer experience across all channels, touch-points, and devices. However, many organizations have a hard time in gauging the functionality of the Oracle stack and understanding the technology that is apt for their business. Bridging this gap is Plexada-SI, a Gold level partner with Oracle, which offers customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to its clients by engaging with their customers at all levels to give them the best advice to meet business requirements. Plexada-SI is run by Chris Anidugbe and Bola Lawal.

With a number of employees having previously worked with Oracle, Plexada-SI’ members have deep acumen and familiarity in recent technological offerings that are available in the market. “Our dedicated and trained staffs not only understand technology, but are also deft in effectively incorporating it into our clients’ business models,” says Bola Lawal, CEO, Plexada-SI. Heeding the push, which Oracle has made to get its customers invest in cloud solutions and Plexada-SI provides the necessary network infrastructure to enable companies to adopt the cloud services. “We understand that many of our customers are not entirely comfortable with a completely cloud-enabled solution, and so we provide them with a hybrid option of both cloud and on-premise solutions,” Lawal adds.

Being one of the earliest integrators to get into Oracle cloud services, Plexada-SI was first among the very few companies in the Middle East and African (MEA) region to have certification in Oracle Cloud solutions. “Our fixed scope implementation offerings with our in-house expertise ensures that we have the right skills and understanding to implement these solutions, be it pure cloud or a hybrid mix,” explains Lawal. The firm has an in-house team of developers dedicated towards building pre-packaged modules for their next implementation. This ensures that their clients get the best-in-class solutions that help them achieve maximum top and bottom-line growth as well as improve customer relations.

Our dedicated and trained staffs not only understand the technology, but are also deft in effectively incorporating it into our clients’ business models

Testimonial to this is the company’s association with a pan-African bank. “We implemented a Siebel CRM solution for the customer which is now being used in 32 countries in four different languages,” remarks Lawal. The Siebel CRM delivered a comprehensive CRM tools suite tailored for the banking industry requirements while also offering role-based customer intelligence. With the solution, the pan-African bank managed to register over six thousand users and have nearly nine thousand of them set to go live within the next twelve months. “We are also working on a national project in Kenya with another Oracle partner, Verve K.O, to deploy a Siebel CRM project across the country that will enable all citizens to use eServices,” Lawal adds. Recognizing the innovation it would bring to the citizens of Kenya, the initiative was rated the overall winner in improving the delivery of public services as part of a UN public service award.

With a number of their clients already on the Oracle base, or looking to deploy its solutions sphere, Plexada-SI has been able to strike a unique and long-standing relationship with those companies. “This enables us to communicate with our clients and in turn engage with them as partners rather than as solution implementers,” remarks Lawal. Plexada-SI has a stronghold of client-customer relationship and is all set to cast its vision toward global expansion.

Plexada System Integrators

Lagos, Nigeria

Bola Lawal, Partner and Chris Anidugbe, Managing Partner

Provides companies with solutions for implementing Oracle empowered software and streamlining operations to improve efficiency