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Basil Baluta, CEO
Today, the healthcare industry has made great strides in digitizing the health experience. However, the cost of implementing, maintaining, and optimizing the operation of EHRs is staggering and is constantly posing as a barrier for efficient delivery of healthcare services. “The major costs of an EHR implementation and on-going operation usually consist of the clinical transformation work performed by the hospital staff,” begins Basil Baluta, CEO, Plexina. “The staff, including clinicians, department heads, clinical analysts, clinical informatics professionals, information technology, and other administrators. Together they work to design operational and clinical processes, transform medical evidence and observational data into effective clinical care workflows, and implement clinical decision support (CDS) tools to help clinicians get the most from the EHR.” The industry lacks good tools to manage the end-to-end needs of the EHR implementation and maintenance including governance, content development, and deployment. Addressing the need, Plexina provides a complete platform that supports clinicians using EHRs to implement evidence-based and best-practice care effectively and with a dramatic effort savings.

The Plexina Platform supports development of high-quality clinical content such as order sets, clinical documentation templates, care pathways, and other CDS tools. CDS helps clinicians work with the latest evidence and best-practices on identifying relevant information for patient conditions, leveraging diagnostic and assessment models, and delivering treatment protocols. Ultimately, designed and deployed accurately in the EHR, CDS tools help clinicians provide better care to patients.

Apart from CDS development and management tools, Plexina also pays equal attention to improving implementation strategies, design effectiveness, and management of governance issues through inter-organizational knowledge sharing within the Plexina Clinical Knowledge Network. Through the collaborative network of clients and evidence partners, the company collects and maintains a library of robust high-quality CDS and quality improvement implementation strategies that work in clients’ environments. Plexina’s patented technology enables rapid transformation of CDS to new environments, and comparative analysis between organizations enables a powerful and unique inter-organizational learning capability on applied CDS.

We have innovative solutions that address the problem of CDS implementation from a clinical insight, through design, review and consensus building, deployment to EHRs, and effectiveness assessment

The company’s platform Plexina Studio offers a robust integrated development environment for rapid CDS import and transformation. “Through our Development Studio, organizations can turn evidence, existing best practices, and experts’ ideas into a tangible order sets or clinical documentation templates, and other CDS assets for the EHR in a very a short duration,” notes Baluta. In addition, Plexina Central is the web portal for engaging clinicians with reviews and collaboration about clinical content design.

“We have innovative solutions that address the problem of CDS implementation from a clinical insight, through design, review and consensus building, deployment to EHRs, and effectiveness assessment,” says Baluta. A couple of Plexina’s clients were targeting to deploy several hundred CDS assets over a few years which essentially stalled in productivity. “That is a sizeable library with lots of interdependencies between content topics, continuously changing services and evolving policies. The complexities and moving target are crippling,” says Baluta. The organizations approached Plexina and the company’s platform provided a systematic clinical content development lifecycle, simplified management, and accelerated production. The clients witnessed an acceleration of 50-70 percent of delivery schedule and a 5-20 times productivity output. “This is on a process that normally takes hundreds of hours per clinical content asset, and we successfully and repeatably reduce that effort an order of magnitude,” adds Baluta.

Forging ahead, Plexina is concentrating on accelerating clinical effectiveness and continuous improvement. “Our product Plexina Real-time Applied Clinical Effectiveness (Plexina RACE™) will help accelerate clinical effectiveness management activities,” concludes Baluta.

Plexina Inc

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Basil Baluta, CEO

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