Plexxi: Changing the Paradigm of Networking Industry

CIO Vendor Networking has been about connectivity for many years but with the growth of industries and technology, scalability, management and interoperability has become an important aspect when it comes to setting up a network infrastructure.

Companies and leaders need an agile and distinguished mode of communication that not only enables to build a strong communication channel but a smart one too, that can determine which communicating elements about the conversation needs to be managed.

Answering to the aforementioned needs is Plexxi, founded in 2010 and a provider of affinity-driven networking solution, has delivered commendable tools that not only understand the conversation requirements but translate them into network actions too.

Plexxi, headed by David Husak, is changing the paradigm
of networking industry from its stupendous technology that addresses the ever-changing communication elements among the applications within the infrastructure.

Two Driving Factors

Plexxi Control software and Plexxi switch Hardware are the two driving factors of the company services. Plexxi Control, an SDN controller, is capable of reading the affinities, such as bandwidth, latency, jitter, and security, and thereby adjusting and building an optimum path for the communication. Apart from automatic network optimization, it also delivers seamless integration and real-time, comprehensive view of network resources and capacity. Plexxi control is backed up by the Plexxi switch which as per demand transmutes bandwidth without changing the physical topography of the network. With other tools such as OpenStack and Chef, and partner solutions like Boundary and SolidFire, Plexxi further enhances the IT infrastructure by integrating the network into its surrounding systems, and processes.

Plexi with its team and partners has provided unique and smart tools of communication to companies of various verticals and plans to further ascent their serv services to transfigure the networking industry in the future.


A provider of network solutions capable of automatically addressing the constantly altering communication among the applications within the infrastructure.