Pluribus Networks: Aiming Towards an Errorfree Process of Network Visualization

CIO Vendor The concept of network visualization goes beyond merely managing networks in a virtual environment, and often turns out to be a highly challenging task. Trying to tackle these challenges and helping companies leverage the benefits of network visualization is Palo Alto, CA headquartered Pluribus Networks. The firm was conceptualized and initiated in April by Sunay Tripathi, Robert Drost, and C.K.

Ken Yang with an aim to present server economics, innovation, and programmability to top of the rack switching by extending expertise in network operating systems, virtualization, and highperformance hardwaresoftware integration.

Today, into their fourth year, under the leadership of Kumar Srikantan, CEO, Pluribus Networks is a recognized leader
in performance-oriented network virtualization for private as well as public cloud datacenters.

Their systems are tailor-made to transform the current ways of IT applications deployment. The Pluribus systems are integrated with advanced technology so as to materialize productivity gains and enabling new business models. The firm also delivers operational excellence through datacenter network utilization optimization while maintaining required levels of performance, reliability, and availability.
The company, under the guidance of Kumar Srikantan, President and CEO, is proud of its long list of technology partners including OEM relationships with TIBCO and China SuperCloud, as well as production deployments in over twenty countries worldwide.

Currently, the company is charged to build an architecture that provides advanced software-defined networking through the amalgamation of compute and network automation.
With support from NEA, Menlo Ventures, Mohr Davidow, China Broadband, and AME Cloud Ventures, Pluribus Networks was featured in the list of Top 10 SDN Startup in 2013 by Network World and CRN.


A provider of networking virtualization solutions with expertise in virtualization, network operating systems and hard-ware software integration.