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Arjuna Rajaguru, CEO
The configuration management landscape has seen a multitude of changes over the last two decades, particularly due to the constant technological advancements swarming through every corner of the industry. With the increasingly changing IT requirements and security standards, following relevant procedures is crucial for any company to manage their IT solutions. Presenting a unique solution in today’s market, PM America provides a full breadth of IT consulting services. “Our goal is to create a better and secure environment for our customers, which eliminates the threat of irregularities in their documentation and processes while optimizing their data infrastructure,” says Arjuna Rajaguru, CEO, PM America.

The MD-based company caters to a multitude of federal agencies, bridging the gap between the CMMI Configuration Management Process Area and their IT Security & Penetration Testing Projects. With a team of highly experienced and accredited SMEs, PM America utilizes the best industry practices to deliver unique IT security, project management, and training services. “Tools will never get the job done alone,” notes Rajaguru, as he emphasizes on the importance of knowing how to combine the processes and tools to effectively manage the development, maintenance, and build processes for a software/application, system, and project.

PM America’s Configuration Management System is built on four components: Configuration Identification, Configuration Control, Configuration Status Accounting, and Configuration verification and audit. By following that process, PM America maintains a hands-on approach with their clients. “We first understand the situation and then accordingly coordinate with our customers to help them improve the configuration management processes for their particular environment,” points out the CEO.

Moreover, to reduce risks and achieve security compliance for their agencies, PM America documents each system’s security posture in its System Security Plan (SSP) in terms of security objectives and impact levels.
In accordance with the security controls outlined in NIST SP 800-53, PM America gathers information pertaining to security configuration, vulnerabilities, system deficiencies, and system security documents to help build robust, clear, and concise security policies.

We first understand the situation and then accordingly coordinate with our customers to help them improve the configuration management processes for their particular environment

Three years ago, a major US bank, which maintains and manages the Lockbox for one of PM America’s federal customers and hosts one of the financial systems at their facility, was failing to meet the Federal, FISMA, and OMB requirements to successfully maintain and manage their financial system. Having turned to PM America for a solution, they managed to solve their quandary. After analyzing and reviewing the issues present in the bank’s system, PM America developed a unique configuration management process for the Federal system that they hosted. In addition, they performed Security Control Assessment (SCA) to document the customer’s weaknesses, assisted in developing plans of action and milestones (POA&Ms), as well as provided the necessary training for their staff, adding value to almost every part of their business.

“We help our customers not only by meeting their requirements, but also by providing them the guidance and recommendations to improve and update their processes, tools, and systems to meet the industry standards,” says Rajaguru. With pending CMMI Level-3 appraisals for services (CMMI-SVC3) and development (CMMI-DEV3), as well as the globally renowned ISO 9001, ISO 20000, and ISO 27001 standard certifications, PM America forges into the future by further harvesting the latest technological trends to stay ahead of the competition curve.

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Arjuna Rajaguru, CEO

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