PMA Consultants: Simplifying the Complete Project Lifecycle

Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon, Founder & CEO
Running a successful project involves efficient planning and systematic procedures, which help organizations in achieving their predetermined business objectives. Therefore, enterprises today are looking forward to implement an effective and best-suited project management plan with the mission to efficiently execute their projects and maximize the value within the estimated cost and time allowances. Working towards providing a wide range of services to make make projects more efficient, controlling costs, schedules, and work scope without compromising on quality, it was in I 1971 that Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon, a renowned project management expert, founded PMA Consultants. Based out of Detroit, MI the firm is replete with project management experts, who are focused at delivering accurate measurement of performance throughout the life of a project.

Whether it’s a large or small project, PMA’s seasoned professionals customizes each of the projects, using their depth of expertise across a wide spectrum of knowledge. “Our consultants have the proven ability and expertise to manage the most complex projects,” extols Gui Ponce de Leon, Founder and CEO of PMA. These consultants enable PMA to identify issues and resolve conflicts before they turn into problems, using their established procedures and process that consistently yield best-in-class results. PMA performs these functionalities by developing and maintaining custom reports that graphically depict project cost and schedule status in a timely manner to enhance cost and schedule management.

PMA’s consultants delivers comprehensive project cost and schedule controls services, and assist the project managers to identify the upcoming opportunities or threats that can impact project costs and set goals. Project controls being the core competency for PMA, the project control experts of the firm have extensive experience in developing and tailoring master cost and schedule management procedures that provide a global view of concurrent projects. “We develop project controls systems that include integrated spreadsheets and specialized applications for numerous industries,” notes Gui.

The firm has an extensive experience in working with a wide range of project delivery methods—construction management at-risk, design-build, lump sum design-bid-build, and cost reimbursable.

We develop project controls systems that include integrated spreadsheets and specialized applications for numerous industries

While there are advantages and disadvantages to each method— depending on schedule, budgets, and project complexities—PMA ensures the method is considered carefully, when developing an overall implementation strategy. Furthermore, PMA’s cost management processes actively control cost at all project stages, giving clients a clear financial picture at any time and allowing team members to make timely and informed decisions.

In an implementation highlight, the UMass Lowell, an urban public research university that runs a steam plant—North Campus Power Plant that provides heat and other services to two-thirds of the campus buildings partnered with PMA to replace its two vintages boilers with new dual-fuel boilers that have state-of-the-art controls. The University also wanted to replace its 99 brick chimney with new stainless steel stacks; abating asbestos throughout the plant. The PMA’s consultants not only enabled UMass Lowell to achieve its goal, but also replaced all its windows, install a sprinkler system throughout the building, and upgrade its electrical system. PMA performed comprehensive owner’s project management services and monitored UMass Lowell’s work across all the phases from concept until project closeout.

Setting up its offices in nearly 12 locations, PMA delivers its wide range of project management services to various market sectors, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, and transportation. However, looking forward, the company will advance its project management practice across other competitive markets to achieve its mission to become “an innovative, trusted, professional project management firm”. “We are further working towards synthesizing our complete expertise to effectively manage cost, schedule, and quality throughout the entire project lifecycle,” concludes Gui.

PMA Consultants

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Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon, Founder & CEO

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