Podium Data: Reinventing Enterprise Data Management with Hadoop

Paul Barth, CEO
With decades of enterprise data management experience, Paul Barth, CEO of Podium Data, along with four other industry veterans, sought to solve the ubiquitous challenges many Fortune 500 CIOs faced. “Data warehouses weren’t able to keep up with what businesses need most: fast access to quality data they can trust,” said Barth.

Podium’s founders recognized that emerging big data technologies like Hadoop held the potential to solve these problems and significantly reduce cost. However, an enterprise-ready solution required security, governance, and self-service access by business analysts all of which Hadoop lacks.

The Podium Data team developed the industry’s first enterprise data lake software platform Podium that accelerates time-to-answer from months to minutes, consolidates data and processing onto a single platform, and ensures data protection and quality. Podium enables traditional businesses to tap Hadoop’s potential through a pre-integrated, secure platform that integrates natively with existing database and BI products. The intuitive user interface allows analysts and developers to find and prepare data without any knowledge of Hadoop.

“Podium is a disruptive technology defining the new way to manage, prepare, and deliver enterprise data,” said Barth. “Podium enables CIOs to consolidate all their internal and external data in one place, and offload expensive processing from operational sources and data warehouses.”

Podium uses metadata to automate dozens of data management functions CIOs need to secure and prepare data for the business. These include converting legacy data formats (COBOL, XML), encrypting sensitive data, profiling and validating data, capturing business definitions, and controlling user access. Podium allows non-technical users to browse and search the metadata, “shop” for data, and even create powerful transformations with a drag and drop interface.

“With secure, self-serve access to a comprehensive data lake, business agility increases dramatically,” said Barth. “Analysts can quickly answer ‘what if?’ questions, or combine legacy and digital data for analysis in minutes. With Podium, IT can affordably manage dramatic data growth and prepare enterprise data without retraining developers.”

Podium enables CIOs to gain control over data assets and prevent their data lake from turning into a data swamp

Podium has proved its effectiveness in production implementations at Fortune 500 businesses. A global pharmaceutical firm replaced its warehouse appliance with Podium in 90 days and the results were dramatic: data preparation jobs went from days to hours, over 50TB of valuable new data was added, and the annual operating cost was significantly reduced. At a top 10 bank, the time to load, prepare, and deliver data to the business was reduced from 6 months to 30 days.

According to Barth, “Podium provides the first turn-key data lake platform for traditional businesses. Creating a comparable system using just Hadoop would take a small army of highly-skilled programmers a year.”

Unlike other big data software tools, Podium is an open platform designed for enterprise integration and management through a RestFUL API. Its metadata can be extended to implement governance standards. Podium is certified with all major Hadoop distributions and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

“Most CIOs worry about how they’ll govern Hadoop, but Podium’s capabilities actually create a more secure, better governed data environment than the traditional web of ETL jobs, data warehouses, and data marts,” Barth explained. “Podium enables CIOs to gain control over their data assets and prevent their data lake from turning into a data swamp.”

In 2015, MassTLC selected Podium as the most “Innovative Big Data Technology the Year.” But the company is just getting started. Looking forward, Podium will incorporate advanced intelligence capabilities that harvest its metadata, further accelerating the delivery of quality data that propels businesses forward.

Podium Data

Lowell, MA

Paul Barth, CEO

Leverages big data technology to accelerate time-to-answer with a secure and self-service platform for immediate business impact

Podium Data