PoINT: The Data Storage Pioneers

Thomas Thalmann, CEO
While data glut leaves businesses of NetApp users awashed, they continue to explore new and economical means of storing and accessing the voluminous information. To identify and migrate inactive data to secondary, archive storage systems, and optimize primary storage; data management solution becomes an imperative for businesses. Based in Siegen, Germany PoINT offers data storage and management software which complements the product portfolio of NetApp. It provides additional features for archiving, hierarchical storage management (HSM), and life-cycle (retention) management besides the integration of mass storage systems like object storage and tape libraries. “In 2017, we continue to expand the number of PoINT installations with customers using NetApp products confirming that our solutions successfully address customer demands,” states Thomas Thalmann, CEO, PoINT.

PoINT optimizes data placement with policy-based file tiering and archiving in combination with the integration of different storage technologies like flash, object, and tape into the storage infrastructure. Its product—PoINT Storage Manager for NetApp is an advanced, scalable file tiering and archiving solution. The solution provides transparent “single path access” through NetApp Fabric- Attached Storage (FAS) to archived files including pass-through support. The software automatically transfers data to be archived to secondary storage as a part of multi-tier HSM architecture. PoINT Storage Manager facilitates the transfer of files for EMC VNX-, NetApp FAS- and Windows NTFS-based primary storage systems. As the solution offers rules-based long-term archiving within secondary storage, the probability for willful or accidental modification of data is eliminated.

PoINT Storage Manager enables businesses to check the authenticity of archived data and identify the potential manipulation. During the archiving process, pertinent information associated with each file and for the entire archive volume is calculated and then stored in encrypted form in the archive volume and database.
For offloading the data, a tape archiving function for StorageGRID Webscale is available which allows the offload of cold data to tape. The solution ensures that customers can migrate between storage systems without operational interruption and this seamless migration is facilitated by integrated migration functions.

Thalmann continues, “PoINT Storage Manager provides a unique built-in migration function which makes use of NetApp ONTAP functions for seamless migration of third-party storage systems to NetApp products.” The product adheres to industry standards such as CIFS/NFS, S3, UDF, LTO/LTFS to prevent a vendor lock-in.

The success of PoINT lies in its ability to archive the voluminous data economically. For instance, CEA Fontenau-aux-Roses, a center of France’s Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), sought a solution to off-load NetApp FAS primary storage and archive inactive data to cost-efficient and capacity-oriented NetApp StorageGRID Webscale. The center had to retain transparent file system access to the archived files with an automated tiering based on flexible policies. After the IT system intergrator Atos deployed PoINT Storage Manager, CEA Fontenau-aux- Roses could archive data in accordance with defined “Archive Policies”. The client could adhere to compliance requirements as the data protection and data security functions were integrated in PoINT Storage Manager. Eventually, CEA Fontenau-aux-Roses could inject efficiency in using NetApp FAS primary storage.

PoINT has announced a new approach for management of cold unstructured data at NetApp Insight 2017. This scalable solution can provide an S3-compatible interface which integrates mass storage systems like tape and optical libraries without the need for expensive upgrades or additional software. The solution can be used by NetApp StorageGRID Webscale for off-loading and archiving cold data. At the end of the day, PoINT focuses on developing data and storage management software solutions which integrate different storage technologies and which conform to industry standards.


Siegen, Germany

Thomas Thalmann, CEO

Develops software products and systems solutions for storage, management and long-term archiving of data