Point N Time Software: Redefining the Art of Account Management in Salesforce

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Travis Davis, CEO
It was a regular day at work, and Travis Davis was in a meeting with a client along with his team; he was discussing about his company’s products with one of their customers, and looked at the three markers he held in this hand, colored red, yellow, and green in order to mark different perspectives of the meeting. An idea suddenly struck his mind, and he asked one of his co-founder Mike Williams to join him for a drink. While discussing with Mike, they decided to start a company that allows organizations to maintain and communicate actionable account and opportunity plans and capture customer intelligence on the basis of their interactions. “We wanted to put the idea to practice by starting a meeting map within Salesforce. This is how we built the Strategy Mapper,” asserts Travis Davis, the president and CEO of Point N Time. The prime motive of the company is to focus on sales enablement and sales execution and provide necessary sales intelligence to their clients. The company believes in the idea of working together as a unit so that it enables them to generate a cohesive message for the prospective customers.

Strategy Mapper is an account management productivity suite that performs functions such as account management, strategic planning and simultaneously, it identifies pain points, objection, and obstacles that are hindering the growth of their customers. This allows Point N Time to tune the product based on the methodology and sales process practiced by their clients. It provides automatic sales cycle reporting at all levels of the organization, thereby maintaining and gathering essential data in order to provide account continuity, which they call Disaster Recovery for Sales (DRfS). “We are a template-based solutions provider, and the clients have the option to incorporate those things that are important for them so that they can do a very methodical implementation deployment of our product,” elucidates Davis.

Point N Time’s Strategy Mapper ensures that the sales processes are entirely aligned with the customer’s buying process and generates situational awareness to provide sales intelligence prior to meeting with their customers.

We wanted to put the idea to practice by starting a meeting map within Salesforce. This is how we built the Strategy Mapper

The uniqueness of Strategy Mapper is that it reduces administrative overhead, maintains accounts and ensures that sellers spend more time on sales and lesser on paperwork. From the deployment perspective, the company usually balances between 40 dollars a month for a yearly subscription, which includes eight hours of remote training. Point N Time also has a workshop through which they offer configuration support and post-installation support to ensure that the product is functioning properly.

In one instance, Point N Time assisted YourEncore, which provides consulting services to the life sciences and consumer goods industries. The problem the firm faced was that they wanted to manage their accounts on a strategic business unit level. Upon using the Strategy Mapper, YourEncore was able to develop plans as per their requirements and also reduced the amount of effort required in creating and maintaining account and opportunity plans, allowing them to allocate more time for their clients.

The company experienced about 80 percent in growth last year, and they are planning on including new features and products into their pipeline in the foreseeable future. “We are going to upgrade our iPhone app and will continue to enhance Strategy Mapper’s capabilities on Salesforce and other products also,” concludes Davis.

Point N Time Software

Allen, Texas

Travis Davis, CEO

Point N Time Software simplifies the implementation of sales processes and strategies through its solutions. With robust, intelligent tools, Point N Time helps companies leveraging Salesforce to reach higher levels of efficiency and achieve sales targets within existing systems. Known as Strategy Mapper, the solution helps integrate account management and sales processes. With features like opportunity planning, meeting execution, account management, and stakeholder management, Strategy Mapper helps build intelligence and capabilities in sales. The solution is meant to fit at every level, be it account teams, sales leaders, or the C-Suite, and helps companies do more with Salesforce