Polygon Software: End-to-End Solutions for Sewn Products

Established in 1986, Polygon Software has a well accomplished history of developing cutting-edge software solutions for dynamic textile industry. One of the firm’s innovative products, PolyNest -the first “open” apparel designing system-revolutionized the apparel Computer Aided Designing (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) market by being the first textile solution to be compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system. Furthermore, the solution made it possible for small to mid-sized manufacturers to take advantage of computer aided technology as it is easy-to-use, and absolutely independent of proprietary hardware. Today, PolyNest is one of the leading open systems for the sewn industry, offering features from pattern design, and automatic marker making to networking and digitalized grading. The PolyPM solution works seamless for both small and large teams with a well established component library for labor, tariffs, shipping, and other non-material items. In addition, PolyNest comes with an included Rule Library, multiple ways to handle shrinkage, multi-tasking, special measuring tools, and movement of lines, further speeding up the grading, designing, and marking process with just a few clicks.

Another ground-breaking product from Polygon Software is the PolyPM- the first solution to integrate Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) into a single application. Based on the client/server technology, PolyPM enables an entire enterprise to integrate all aspects of their product development, from sourcing, to manufacturing and distribution. “PolyPM’s helps businesses get control of their manufacturing and distribution by letting them easily view and modify the production schedule, while managing a constantly changing environment,” states Louis Wohlmuth, CEO, Polygon Software. This highly scalable and fully user configurable solution streamlines communication between team members, tracks development processes and incorporates user calendars, as well as offers a superior logical structure to define all style attributes. PolyPM integrates all aspects of production process including product development, costing, sourcing, manufacturing, inventory, sales, distribution, and production planning. Furthermore, Polygon Software offers complete end-to-end solutions for their customers that include services that are designed to reduce implementation time, as well as the ownership cost.

PolyPM’s helps businesses get control of their manufacturing and distribution by letting them easily view and modify the production schedule, while managing a constantly changing environment

Over the years, polygon software has worked with more than thousands of customers, developing products that enhance operations and throughput for distributors, and manufacturers in the textile industry. In one instance, Gamewear- a manufacturer of custom team uniforms required an ERP solution that would keep accurate track of raw materials and production, and also configure their complex bill of materials in which a single style could have over 40 different product options. Polygon software assisted Gamewear with the PolyPM solution that enabled seamless PLM and ERP. Furthermore, rather than having a separate BOM for each product option, PolyPM enabled Gamewear to create one BOM that dynamically configured all of the product options. This greatly reduced the firm’s development costs and enabled them expand their product offerings. “With a 100 percent implementation success rate, our customers love to do business with us because of our relentless dedication to their success,” adds Wohlmuth.

The firm’s long history and commitment to automating the apparel and textile industries ensures that the users of Polygon Software products are in the most capable hands. With a proven history of developing leading-edge software for the apparel and textile industries over the last 30 years, Polygon Software will continue to focus on providing innovative solutions for the technology industry to gain more accuracy and management efficiency, ultimately leading to a better ROI.

Polygon Software

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Louis Wohlmuth, CEO

Polygon Software is a worldwide provider of software solutions for the sewn-goods industry and textile mill