Pontis Research Inc.: Aligning Security with Business Initiatives

Vinita Bhushan, President
Pontis Research Inc. (Pontis’) customers recognize that the computer and network security landscape is experiencing a major shift. This is primarily because users are working with a wide range of devices, with the expectation to access data and applications hosted anywhere, anytime. That being said, there is an implicit expectation of a simple, easy to use interface from the end users, which adapt to different devices, while at the same time ensuring privacy of personal data. Meanwhile, from a business standpoint, brand security and compliance with industry standards and regulatory obligations are of core importance, while still meeting user expectations. “Device security, content management, application security and data security now present a whole different challenge to earlier times when organizational and user-device boundaries were well defined,” states Vinita Bhushan, President of Pontis.

Leveraging its partnership with IBM Security, Westlake Village based Pontis specializes in information security consulting. “Pontis offers its clients more than just technology consulting; we work with them to define strategic goals and align security initiatives with business initiatives,” adds Bhushan. The company is also a reseller under IBM's Software Value Plus program. From advisory consulting to security concerns that are relevant to the client, Pontis accrues a unique value to its clients. “The Pontis approach is consistent. We start by gaining an understanding of our clients’ business, technical and security requirements, and jointly develop a roadmap that aligns both security and business initiatives,” explains Bhushan. In this approach, IBM Security products, other products and process changes are incorporated within the client’s roadmap, and milestones are identified to guide the overall security journey through manageable phases. “Predictability and control of the environment are the key benefits of this approach, and this gives our clients a far more proactive rather than reactive posture,” adds Bhushan.As a part of its services offered, Pontis also delivers tools, test harnesses, utilities, API’s, and dashboards, based on the needs of each client. These are often provided at no additional cost while deploying the security solution for the client.

Predictability and control of the environment are the key benefits of our approach, and this gives our clients a far more proactive rather than reactive posture

The company also participates in Beta programs conducted by IBM Security. “As we have an extremely strong track record of successful deployments of the IBM Security solutions, our input is well received,” remarks Bhushan. The Betas and other training programs are leveraged to continually train their staff to keep current with new products and releases. In addition to having extensive experience in designing and deploying the IBM Security suite of products, Pontis also has an experienced development team, to solve cases where more intricate integration mechanisms or custom solutions are required by the client. For instance, Pontis has implemented a security solution to a major automobile manufacturer, to support both its internal users as well as a telematics solution that supports over 20 million consumers using IBM security products. Pontis deployed identity management, federated authentication and authorization for the client, providing value at each phase. “We continue to work with them as their needs evolve, based on Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX) requirements and changing business needs, ” points out Bhushan.

Pontis continues to strengthen their traditional service offerings by taking inputs from their deployments, and bridging the gap between on premise and cloud solutions. For the days ahead, Pontis is extending their managed services to add more value proposition for clients.

Pontis Research Inc

Westlake Village, CA

Vinita Bhushan, President

Leveraging our experience and expertise, Pontis Research specializes in providing information security solutions that align business initiatives with security requirements