Ponvia: Consistent Customer Experience Leveraging Nextnova Cloud Platform

A customer’s experience with an organization is the result of their interactions across all channels throughout the duration of relationship with the firm. Today, that interaction has gone beyond the traditional channels of voice and web. Where proliferation of mobile, social, IoT and smart devices has empowered customer to interact with organizations at their will, the skills and understanding of how to build and deploy the systems that provide a seamless and unified customer experience remains a big challenge for many organizations. To address these challenges, Ponvia, from Lake Bluff, IL takes out the complexity that is involved with building and deploying a truly unified customer experience solutions. The company epitomizes a capabilities-driven innovation strategy with their products and technologies. These products are branded as the Nextnova Cloud solutions, an omni-channel customer experience applications platform.

“Omni-channel technologies enable organizations to provide a seamless interaction across all communication channels. This is an essential element of customer experience,” says Rory Herriman, CTO at Ponvia. “Nextnova is the culmination of many years of R&D that was based in real world client needs. We believe the Nextnova Cloud is the most advanced and capable omni-channel application platform available.”

Nextnova is offered as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that builds, deploys, and executes many different types of interactive applications. “A single app deployed on the Nextnova Cloud will enable organizations to instantly provide access over voice, web, chat, mobile, social and smart devices without requiring in-depth technical skills,” remarks Herriman. Ponvia’s capabilities go well beyond simply developing applications. The company’s team has extensive knowledge and experience in customer interaction; they are able to design the right solution that meets client’s objective and ensure the solution is fully developed, tested, and deployed. The team’s expertise ranges from Inbound and Intelligent Routing, Outbound and Dialers, Customer Self Service, Interaction Analytics, Cloud Communications, among others.

Nextnova is the culmination of many years of R&D that was based in real world client needs

Rory Herriman, CTO
Over the past 20 years of providing consulting services to a wide variety of clients in a number of different industries, the team has learned how to achieve and maintain relevancy.

“We spend countless hours with client organizations to understand the challenges from their perspective. We also conduct consumer research to gain insight to the view on how certain trends are shaping their expectations,” remarks Herriman. Ponvia with regards to customer experience and operational efficiency is achieving a balance between cost and level of service. “Through our business consulting solutions, we assist organizations in finding this balance and putting into place those technical solutions that achieve the balance,” says Herriman.

In addition, Ponvia encourages employees to gain knowledge through new experiences, both inside and outside of the company, and to leverage those experiences in how they approach developing new solutions. The company is currently working on a number of innovative solutions that leverage machine learning techniques to enable knowledge driven and context aware customer interactions.

“We are working on technologies that extend to provide better unification of multiple channels during a customer interaction,” asserts Herriman. In the days to come, from a product and technology perspective, Ponvia will be launching several industry specific solutions to address the unique needs of each industry for their customer interaction needs. The first industry specific offering will be launched by next year. “Over the last five years we have worked to transform Ponvia from a pure consulting firm into a solutions company that provides both products and services,” concludes Herriman.


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Rory Herriman, CTO

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