POPS Enabled: Reimagining Employee Engagement in the Great Resignation Era

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Megan Hightower Martins, Founder and CEO
In the current workforce landscape where pandemic-driven phenomena, like the Great Resignation, have severely disrupted HR operations, thought leaders and CEOs are constantly seeking innovative strategies to improve employee well-being and ensure the desired retention.

This is where POPS Enabled comes in, providing consulting services tailored to a business's specific acquisition and retention needs. It designs strategies for an inclusive, equitable, and empowered workplace by streamlining procedures to assist HR teams in concentrating on transformational activities instead of getting bogged down by cumbersome administrative tasks. Essentially, POPS Enabled leverages its broad industry and market know-how to support businesses in finding and implementing the right HR technology that meets their organizational goals.

POPS Enabled integrates impactful HR solutions for systems design, process optimization, employee engagement, employer branding, and global business expansion across businesses. Since its inception, POPS Enabled has aided firms in reliably optimizing their HR infrastructure, building a proven track record of helping startups establish an efficient infrastructure.

"We develop reliable and efficient processes to deliver highly customized HR software solutions that can be accessed through user-friendly and seamless interfaces," says Megan Hightower Martins, founder and CEO of POPS Enabled.

At the heart of every client engagement is POPS Enabled's emphasis on customizing its tech stack to deliver a modern, seamless technology that provides value and boosts productivity. It streamlines recruitment processes by connecting an applicant tracking system with a client's calendar plan to automate communication. During the hiring process, it allows businesses to integrate candidate information into their human resource information system (HRIS) and uses this integrated solution to enhance background and I-9 checks, augment candidate selection, and send offer letters.

It also designs efficient process maps and workflows using appropriate technology to bridge prevalent gaps in a client's HR processes. For instance, by setting up mobile device management (MDM), POPS Enabled facilitates businesses to provide workforce mobile productivity tools and applications while keeping corporate data secure and ensuring automatic provisioning of email accounts, expense management, and more.
Setting POPS Enabled apart from its contemporaries is its ability to create unique customer experiences with outof- the-box solutions backed by seasoned HR professionals. Martins' experience as the executive developer for the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) adds to its global reputation as a robust HR partner. Through these competencies, POPS Enabled has effectively delivered successful outcomes across multi-state and international engagements in over 30 nations.

Recently, a client going through a difficult time due to budget and staff cuts approached POPS Enabled to overcome these challenges. POPS Enabled began this project with an employee engagement survey, gaining a deeper understanding of the workforce productivity and performance issues driving employee attrition. The survey results revealed the workers felt insecure and undervalued and highlighted that the recent changes to their benefits package did not include the most sought-after perks. Delving deeper, POPS Enabled identified that excluding infertility treatment from the client's benefits policy was a key reason for employee despondence. After consulting with their insurance provider, it quickly helped the employer remedy this in their existing benefits program.

We develop highly reliable and efficient processes to deliver highly customized HR software solutions that can be adopted through user-friendly, seamless interfaces

Another insight from the study highlighted that despite their globally fragmented (across 20 countries) workforce, the client held meetings in U.S. time. This alienated international employees and made them feel secluded from the home team. POPS Enabled supported the client in making the right changes that reduced attrition levels among global teams. In this way, POPS Enabled adopts a unique holistic approach to identifying and solving workforce challenges with solutions that yield the quickest and highest impact at zero or negligible cost.

An organization built at the convergence of innovation, globally scalable technology, and top-notch employee experiences, POPS Enabled is a significant force in modernizing the HR landscape. Moving forward, it aims to integrate AI with CRM and ERP to automate and optimize HR processes, which will contribute to improved organizational performance.

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Megan Hightower Martins, Founder and CEO

POPS Enabled is an international HR consulting firm designed to revolutionize the work landscape through alignment around a shared vision, globally scalable technology, and delivering world-class employee experiences (EX)

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