PositiveEdge: Delivering Dynamic Business Growth with Microsoft Dynamics

CIO VendorSantanu Mondal, Principal
Over the years, Microsoft has transitioned its services from onpremise to on-cloud, for efficiently meeting emerging consumer needs. Most of the companies partnered with Microsoft are deploying the company’s products and services to initiate their clients’ business growth. Headquartered in Newark, CA, PositiveEdge is a Microsoft consulting partner, specializing in the areas of ERP and CRM. It assists businesses dealing with marketing, sales, and services of products to efficiently employ Microsoft technologies. “It generally takes more than just the standard implementation of Microsoft products like Dynamics CRM for enterprises to transform, enhance, and optimize the business processes,” says Santanu Mondal, Principal, PositiveEdge. For this, the company works closely with their clients, identify their pain areas and implement tailored solutions that will transform the clients’ business processes efficiently.

PositiveEdge develops solutions that are flexible and configurable to meet the needs of clients in any industry vertical with the least investment possible. The company, with its proprietary tools like the PositiveEdge Portal Framework extends Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality to ensure a streamlined extension of business processes beyond the enterprise to the customers and partners. Other solutions include a comprehensive quoting solution integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a Customer 360 View component providing an overall view of customer’s information, a configurable chat solution for efficient collaboration inside and outside the enterprise and Microsoft Dynamics CRM enabled social network for enhanced customer relationship and reduced cost. With these solutions, the company facilitates its clients to incorporate their business and IT strategy onto the cloud without stressing the budget.

With its ISO 9001 certification and deep commitment to customer satisfaction, PositiveEdge has maintained an enviable track record of 100 percent referencability

In addition, it helps clients to develop custom applications on the .NET platform to extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and assists them with business intelligence service to enhance their decision making capability.

PositiveEdge stays ahead of its competitors in its unique approach towards offering solutions in the changing techno-space, providing quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction. “With our ISO 9001 certification and deep commitment to customer satisfaction, we maintain an enviable track record of 100 percent referencability,” says Mondal.

PositiveEdge’s efficiency in providing solutions and effectively combating the client’s problem can be narrated through the success story of Geojit BNB Paribas, a retail financial service company offering high net worth customers a gamut of savings and investment solutions.

The company required a system that would manage its sales, marketing, and customer service functions, and act as an interface across the business areas to ensure information transparency at all levels to optimize their operations and increase productivity.

PositiveEdge leveraged Microsoft Dynamics CRM and offered a solution that fulfilled the client’s requirements using Customer Care Accelerator. Also, as an added convenience claims based authentication was implemented as part of the solution to enable Novell eDirectory users to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM CCA.

For a healthy and vibrant company, Mondal describes the need to have a balance between demand and supply sides of the business by ensuring quality, customer satisfaction, and investment in employees as the necessities. Referring to Microsoft’s performance in the near future, Mondal says, “Microsoft’s offerings in the cloud are gaining worldwide customer response. It would be fascinating to see if Microsoft can make the transition from a desktop company to the one that is equally comfortable in the cloud.”

Foreseeing the future, Mondal hopes to continue building the company’s strength in the areas of CRM and ERP. “PositiveEdge will have increased focus on developing and enhancing its intellectual property pool while augmenting its global competencies in verticals like Health Care, Banking and Financial Services, Real Estate, and Utilities and High Tech,” he adds.


Newark, CA

Santanu Mondal, Principal

Microsoft solution provider specializing in CRM and ERP