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Roger Viera, CEO
For Pounce Consulting, staying connected to their markets and building an in-house network capable of developing products from start to finish has been the key to success. “We consider ourselves to be an end to end solution for companies,” says Roger Viera, CEO, Pounce Consulting.

“We started as a software solution company with two hundred consultants,” he explains, but the company quickly grew in breadth and depth to cover a range of solutions for their clients. Today, Pounce has five factories for manufacturing consumer goods and medical industry electronics, in addition to various other projects.

Viera emphasizes on their dedication to energy efficient, cutting edge technology: “We are very heavy into that type of environment,” he says. For example, the company is rolling out a completely solar powered street lamp which is easily portable, installed by their in-house team, and doesn’t have to be connected to the power grid. The lamps are also outfitted with GPS technology so that Pounce can keep track of when the lights need servicing. These lamps use the same type of power as new Tesla batteries.

In general, the Pounce team frequently enjoys working with start-up companies that come to them with an idea, but need a way to execute their designs. First, each client is paired with their own engagement team. The experts from Pounce will go through the idea and designs, then suggest improvements and streamline schematics for the best result given the current technology. Many times, they are able to eliminate obscure technologies and help companies stay on the cutting edge of their field.

At one instance, a company approached Pounce with an idea for a device that would protect packages from theft. The concept was straightforward: the delivery person places the package on the device and sets it to the appropriate weight; if anyone removes the package, the device senses a change in weight and alerts the homeowner, who can notify authorities.

We consider ourselves to be an end to end solution for companies

Pounce Consulting took over the details of creating and producing the device so their client could focus on marketing and further developing their own company.

Viera sees their strategic positioning throughout the Americas as a key reason to choose them over their competitors. With their locations throughout Mexico and the US, shipping and travel is minimized, while their in-house efficiency drive prices down. Because of their connected service from design to quality assurance, they’re able to troubleshoot problems quickly and assure a high level of quality. “We really are a complete solution for our customers,” Viera adds.

But one of their main sources of success is their dedication to cultivating local talent. “We try to demonstrate that the Mexican talent, even in this political environment, is such that our people can meet high technical challenges,” he asserts. Pounce dedicates time and resources to provide continued education and training to their employees to make sure that they remain on the cutting edge of technology. One of their main goals is always to remain “very savvy technology-wise,” Viera explains.

Last year, they increased sales by an impressive 600 percent, and by 300 percent the year before. “We just keep growing and growing; we believe our talent—our employees, our consultants— and Pounce wouldn’t be where it is without them,” he says.

As they look to the future, they plan to expand with a new factory and offices in Argentina, along with pursuing a promising line of work in the blood sugar testing industry.

Pounce Consulting

San Diego, CA

Roger Viera, CEO

A full service manufacturing company and consultancy with service ranging from product conception to final quality assurance testing and deployment

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