Power System Engineering: 'Think' Solutions For Electric Utilities

CIO VendorDouglas R. Joens, Founder
Power System Engineering (PSE) is a complete service consulting firm for electric utilities. PSE has the expertise to assist utilities in addressing the greatest need, identifying the software packages that integrate well and best complement the utility’s existing capabilities and selecting vendors that make the strongest fit for a spectrum of clients across distribution cooperatives, generation and transmission cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities, public utility districts and industry associations.

PSE also has the best practices and methodologies in place to facilitate the contracting process and manage the deployment from kick-off to final testing

Utilities must be able to identify the most attractive communications infrastructure technology, like microwave systems, IP networks, mobile voice and data for automation programs like SCADA, DA, AMI and mobile field force automation applications. PSE’s expertise in this area can mitigate this challenge to ensure that the software is operated on the most reliable communications system appropriately sized for today with an eye toward scalability for the future. PSE can lead or assist utilities in communications infrastructure, IT/security, integration, technology/strategic planning and utility automation.

Experts at PSE assist the clients on contracts, policy and regulatory assistance, cost of service and rate design, demand-side management, economic studies, load forecasting and resource planning, market research and strategic and business planning, industry associations, customers and regulators throughout North America and beyond.
The power infrastructure from generating resources to the electric grid to the on premise wiring and electrical equipment, is a complex system that requires extensive analysis to operate efficiently and effectively. PSE responds to this need by offering a variety of electrical engineering studies in the areas of resource facilities (including wind farms), transmission and distribution facilities, and commercial and industrial facilities.

Utilizing a significant library of power system software modeling tools including PSSE, CYME Milsoft, ETAP, SKM, and PSE-customized applications along with other analytical and mapping tools such as SAS, ThermCap, ESRI and AutoCAD, PSE’s studies are used to support budgets, rates, regulatory filings and testimony as well as to support the operations, planning, maintenance and protection of systems.

PSE has an extensive history of designing all aspects of electric facilities, as well as their supporting communications and automation infrastructure, required to deliver reliable power to commercial and industrial equipment. The end products of PSE’s designs found throughout the United States include substations, transmission and distribution lines, utility automation facilities, SCADA systems, communication infrastructure and commercial and industrial electric distribution facilities.

Technical expertise from PSE helps clients to define requirements and create specifications for competitive bids that include strong contract terms right from the start. This mitigates risk and results in lower overall cost, fewer change orders during deployment, inspection and smoother construction. PSE also has the best practices and methodologies in place to facilitate the contracting process and manage the deployment from kick-off to final testing, acceptance, inspection and closeout. The PSE team can lead or assist the utility in procurement, contracting and deployment work, in communications infrastructure, integration, power line and substation and utility automation.

PSE professionals include engineers, economists and financial analysts who combine their experience in all facets of the utility industry to streamline operations, improving overall efficiency, maximizing client profits and customer satisfaction.

Power System Engineering

Madison, WI

Douglas R. Joens, Founder

Power System Engineering provides complete service consultancy for electric utilities.