Power Systems Consultants (PSC): Functioning For A Steadfast Energy Future

CIO VendorAlex Boyd, CEO
Utilities are seeking efficient practices to maintain their various operational technologies. Due to the specialized temperament of technologies there are not many choices. Adding to it, the convergence of IT and Operational Technology (OT) can be an acid test for utilities as enterprises espouse innovative processes, technologies and organizational models. With the vast experience of more than 75 years, Power Systems Consultants (PSC) provides services to the utilities with its multifaceted employees who are able to assist the pros and cons of different technologies.

Headquartered in New Zealand, PSC's knowledge in OT and IT offer exceptional and sovereign services to utilities and non-utility organizations. OT systems that are highly available, secure, reliable, and operate in real time, are a deep-seated part of PSC’s DNA. PSC's services have assisted utilities in keeping up with changes in the industry including FERC Order 1000, FERC Order 764, renewable integration, distributed resource management, HVDC integration, Balancing Authority consolidation and redesign, and NERC CIP. The consulting services of the firm are handy for utilities to deploy, upgrade, migrate, and operate systems for the electricity industry.

Utility IT organizations and the business operations organizations are responsible for OT, but the resentment between these groups is not an unusual matter. PSC is capable to bridge a fissure, as the staffs of the firm understand the perspective of both sides and makes solutions acceptable to both groups.

The firm’s services range from senior advisory services developing strategies, budgets, and plans to project management to hand on technical staff implementing specific projects. The consulting services for Control Systems (EMS, DMS, OMS), Market Systems, IT, Telecommunications, HVDC, Transmission System Planning, and Transmission Line Design are also one of the trademarks of PSC.

The passionate team members with thorough expertise—vital for the
electricity industry—help the company reach the forefront among its competitors. PSC highlights its specialization and focus on electricity industry operational technology as a distinctive trait. As the company is vendor neutral, it is able to build project teams and deliver expertise across a range of operational technologies. With proficiency in bulk transmission, HVDC, transmission system planning, control systems, IT and telecommunications, PSC is able to assist utilities with core operational business process improvements. PSC's team is highly skilled in the latest technology offered by vendors, providing customers with expert practical technical services in a cost effective manner. The firm does not promote or sell products, enabling it to stay unbiased.
“We are offering the customers flexibility, expertise and ongoing support that will ensure them the ‘power within’ to meet dynamic challenges of the electricity industry,” says Warwick Glendenning, CEO, PSC.

PSC partners with world’s largest power grid operators across United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and Singapore to arrange the most sophisticated grid control systems that are providing secure and reliable energy to millions of consumers. The clients of the firm comprise of municipalities and public utility districts that operate smaller grids.

PSC helped the $215M AC2 Program of PJM Interconnection to successfully go live. “John O’Hehir and Jeff Shandorf from PSC played key roles in the Energy Management System (EMS) and market pricing deliverables under the AC2 Program from the beginning of 2010 through until go-live in November 2011,” said Chief Spokesperson of PJM Interconnection. AC2 Program with its new Advanced Control Center helped operate the grid individual or in parallel with each other.

PSC works hard to provide high quality services, thereby standing out from the rest. The company is well positioned for growth in all markets it serves and is setting up to inflate in United Kingdom and Europe in near-term. The firm which was strong in SCADA and energy management system business since its inception in 1995 is also on the verge of providing services in distribution management systems and micro-grids.

Power Systems Consultants

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Alex Boyd, CEO

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