PowerEnfo: Real-time Information for Efficient Energy Utilization

Mark Bell, CEO
Buildings today are the major source of global demand for energy consumption. A 2015 U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) report stated 40 percent of total U.S. energy consumption occurred in residential and commercial buildings. Increasing energy efficiency and avoiding energy waste to reduce operating costs has become a primary goal for building managers. “Most building managers rely on historical billing data to determine ways to streamline costs and improve overall efficiency, which is not the right methodology,” said Mark Bell, CEO, PowerEnfo. All of the data provided on a utility bill has occurred in the past and provides zero insight into how and when the energy was used. Building managers require real-time energy monitoring systems that constantly provides the latest information on every minute of energy consumption. PowerEnfo, headquartered in Atlanta, makes energy management in buildings easy by envisioning the industry’s need for the latest updates and alerts on buildings’ energy consumption.

“Our platform gives our customers the complete picture of energy consumption in their buildings in real time, thus empowering them to save, and use the energy efficiently,” Bell said.

PowerEnfo’s energy intelligence platform is a web based service that monitors a building’s energy usage. PowerEnfo is driven by cloud-based, advanced machine learning algorithms and delivers all aspects of energy-related information from energy generation to load level consumption in real time. “This will allow the building managers to efficiently devote their time to planning cost-effective strategies related to current and future energy usage,” adds Bell.

PowerEnfo’s energy intelligence platform provides a dashboard that displays energy-related information of the building’s current demand (kW), daily consumption (kWh), previous and current weekly consumption. The dashboard can also incorporate onsite energy generation such as solar arrays. The dashboard is customized with the user’s logo and allows them an easy transition to multiple dashboards for a specific building or an entire campus within the portfolio. In addition, the platform provides managers with important alerts and automatically notifies the users via SMS text message and/or email on specific events such as high energy demand and excessive energy consumption.

Our platform gives our customers the complete picture of energy consumption in their buildings in real time, thus empowering them to save, and use the energy efficiently

If your site generates energy onsite from a solar array or other technology, the platform can alert to reduced energy output or offline system components. Most importantly, the PowerEnfo platform generates and distributes reports to decision makers on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis.

Many companies have benefitted from more effective energy management after incorporating PowerEnfo into their environment. In one instance, Cox Enterprises, a Georgia-based corporation, has set an aggressive goal to be carbon neutral by 2044. To achieve their goal, Cox implements energy efficiency strategies for their building and relies on renewable energy assets throughout the country. Developing energy strategies and tracking the performance of these assets requires constant monitoring across multiple sites with a variety of equipment and data streams. For this, Cox Enterprises adopted PowerEnfo to alert them when energy production or usage deviates from pre-determined thresholds. Using PowerEnfo helps Cox Enterprises detect and mitigate energy related problems efficiently.

Adding to their growth, PowerEnfo plans to develop continued innovations. The firm is building a library of devices to provide enhanced decision support with energy profiles of buildings and equipment. “We also want to provide a greater level of customization on information, alerts and reporting— creating informative data streams to our customers,” concludes Bell.


Atlanta, GA

Mark Bell, CEO

Provides a cloud powered, web based service that helps businesses with real-time energy monitoring via a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop device