PowerHub: Renewable Energy Asset Management Simplified

Etienne Lecompte, Co-Founder & CEO
As an avid innovator and entrepreneur, Etienne Lecompte has always been passionate about making renewable energy markets more efficient and effective. He has worked on over 5GW of wind and solar projects across continents including Americas, Europe, and Asia, and has been an active participant contributing to the growth of this sector. His entrepreneurial vision began by co-founding LCAB in 2011, where he helped developers, owners and financiers in Ontario, Canada, meet their regulatory compliance needs. Through LCAB, Etienne established a standard for renewable energy asset transactions in regulatory compliance. Continuing his vision to simplify compliance and administration of renewable energy assets, Lecompte co-founded PowerHub. “With the solar and wind energy markets effectively quadrupling in size, there is a need for our industry to mature into an asset class of its own. To do this we need to improve transparency and put adequate risk management systems in place. This is where PowerHub adds value to its clients. PowerHub helps increase visibility into asset performance and management thus reduces risk,” remarks Lecompte, who also heads as CEO of the company.

PowerHub offers a simple, cloud-based asset management solution designed for renewable energy infrastructure. It replaces bulky spreadsheets and automates processes needed to manage renewable energy assets. It centralizes all information about a project and increases visibility into performance and financial health; it helps users track work and tasks at hand while allowing them to also create project and portfolio level reports and more. “By intelligently centralizing project information, PowerHub unlocks efficiencies, capabilities and insights that have the potential to transform business,” extols the CEO.

“Instead of having passive and reactive management systems we are helping our clients move to proactive and predictive systems,” states Lecompte. “Our objective is to improve the entire life-cycle of projects from development through long term operation.” With PowerHub, companies can simplify the management of their renewable energy assets by maintaining complete and consistent information about their assets: throughout their lifecycle. Easy access to all the information available on the projects allows for fast decisions and minimal disruptions.

By intelligently centralizing project information, PowerHub unlocks efficiencies, capabilities and insights that have the potential to transform business

PowerHub is also equipped with robust security and access policies, so that you can share with sub-contractors and stakeholders only the information that they need to help the project run more efficiently. “In addition, we facilitate collaboration, management and reporting for project teams, external investors and stakeholders,” says Lecompte.

Asset management means different things to different people; but at its core it’s about knowing your assets: how they perform, what contracts they have, what stakeholders are involved, etc. The backbone of asset management is timeliness. Lecompte asks, “How can I make sure that each of my assets is under control at all time, so that I can focus on the outliers?” By aggregating information, PowerHub allows its users to focus where it matters while making sure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Moreover, “PowerHub is well positioned to become the industry standard platform, as it supports renewable energy professionals in maximizing and maintaining the value of their assets,” asserts Lecompte. “Since day one our focus has been allowing users to easily find the information they need to make decisions efficiently and protect the value of their assets”.

PowerHub can support many types of assets: solar, wind, storage, biomass, etc. and will continue to grow with the industry. PowerHub plans to continually unleash new versions and features to broaden its appeal and meet the needs of renewable energy asset owners. Managed by a leadership team with strong industry reputation and expertise, PowerHub continues to ensure that client needs and interests are at the center of everything the company pursues.


Ontario, Canada

Etienne Lecompte, Co-Founder & CEO

A cloud-based asset management platform provider that allows renewable energy project owners to view and manage projects in realtime from any location