Powernoodle: Decision Making Activities to Fit the Business Process

CIO VendorDeb Krizmanich, CEO
Work and decision processes that cross organizational boundaries are the future of work. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Powernoodle enables collaborative, impactful and inclusive decision-making by providing rapid visibility around key decision factors. “Powernoodle is used around the globe every day to bridge time, distance and thinking styles to make better, smarter, faster decisions,” begins Deb Krizmanich, CEO, and Powernoodle. To maintain agility in an organization, timely decisions require the convenient engagement of knowledge workers and bias-free processes. “Powernoodle gives decision makers a transparent way to ruthlessly prioritize resources based on informed decisions, leveraging the diversity within an organization, encouraging creative solutions,” elaborates Deb.

Perhaps, Powernoodle might be a solution for what Albert Einstein once said: “The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.”

Powernoodle Decision Spaces help organizations address the barriers of problem solving capabilities, like work load, distributed teams, and time zones to very complex differences like personality, thinking styles, culture and ethnicity, chrono-types and gender. The company’s step-by-step approach vanguards a project and keeps it on track while eliminating barriers like physical distance. “The solution is a safety zone, enabling participants to be authentic and
contributes with candor through anonymity,” says Deb. They focus and rally people on the subject to be decided, rather than being burdened with structures and interpersonal barriers. “The traditional hierarchical approaches can be augmented with collaborative practices to generate objective, inclusive, data driven and science-based decision making that is better aligned with the organization’s goals,” explains Deb.

For instance, “one of our clients, a large, independent provincial institution required an audit trial that recorded every decision and its whereabouts to create a bottom-up decision making culture to foster employee unity, commitment and buy-in,” illustrates Deb. Employees used Powernoodle to collect insights, rate and prioritize nearly 20 strategic initiatives. Its features simplified the whole process and enabled remote participants to deliberate and carefully consider their answers. This process developed a meaningful shared strategy that was owned and embraced by the entire organization and led to the development and implementation of projects directly aligned to this strategy. “Our client continues to use Powernoodle building 100 day plans and running its projects. It also leverages Powernoodle for use as a staff feedback tool, to deliver quality performance assessments,” says Deb.

Similar to the above case, Powernoodle’s cloud platform enables a number of decision making activities that can be enabled or disabled, a fully customized solution to fit the type of an organization’s decision process. “You can use the activities that collect ‘anonymous’ input across the ‘edges’ of the organization for an innovative SWOT assessment as UNICEF and a major automotive company did,” points out Deb. Or you can use the multi criteria rating to create a bias-free judging process for STEM student science competitions like Intel did,” she adds. It also features evaluative steps which can easily knit into the process to assess risk and compliance across a network. The solution provides organizations the ability to codify and deploy their methodology, bringing the principles of measurement and improvement and solving un-avoidable difficulties, engaging the edge, focus on real work.


Ontario, Canada

Deb Krizmanich, CEO

Powernoodle Decision Making Activities to Fit the Business Process