PowerSphyr: A Vision to Deliver Truly Universal Wireless Charging

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Neil Ganz, President & CEO Finally – Anytime, Anywhere, All-the-Time Wireless Charging

“Get ready to toss your chargers and charging cables. PowerSphyr delivers true ‘drop & go’ wireless charging,” says Neil Ganz, President, and CEO. “This is the first wireless solution designed for the Automotive, Industrial and Consumer markets that delivers on price and performance to accomplish a ‘Connected World, Unplugged™.’”

The dream of wireless charging is finally a reality. PowerSphyr, based in Danville, CA, is delivering ubiquitous wireless charging that meets the unique demands of the Automotive, Industrial and Consumer markets. PowerSphyr has assembled a team of engineers with deep expertise in all phases of system architecture from R&D to design to test to delivery. Their solutions fully support the three powerful primary wireless charging standards: AirFuel Alliance standards for magnetic resonance and radio frequency (RF), whereas Wireless Power Consortium Qi for magnetic induction.

The PowerSphyr team is advancing wireless charging with its patented approach to greatly improve power conversion efficiency (PCE) compared to other wireless charging solutions. This not only benefits the user experience but also reduces the overall technical challenges in developing new wireless power systems. As new generation devices require more and more power, PCE becomes critically important to the effort of developing a stable and consistent charging experience.

PowerSphyr has a complete suite of solutions for the Automotive, Industrial, and Consumer markets which eliminate the need for cables or precise coil alignment. This enables fast, easy to use, and secure charging solutions that can be delivered in a wide range of form factors.

How We Got Here

Back in 1891, Nikola Tesla pioneered the ingenious idea of supplying power to the world without the need for a tangle of wires strung everywhere. His views came closest to realizing wireless transmission with the creation of the Tesla coil. Although detractors and capitalists refuted his utopian visions for the society, his dreams were much more significant, encompassing a wireless network of power for anyone in the world to tap into. Fast forward to today, while Tesla’s inventions are commonly recognized and found at most science museums, the essence of his technology is still in its infancy of development for practical use. When it comes to wireless charging, its scale has yet to reach the level at which Tesla originally envisioned it. This is where entrepreneur, seasoned executive, and business transformation expert, Neil Ganz , President, and CEO, PowerSphyr, along with an accomplished industrial designer expert, Will Wright , CTO, PowerSphyr, embarked on a journey to break the shackles of conventional wisdom and unlock untapped opportunities in the world of wireless power.

The Journey

Ruminating the 27 years of his career at GPX International, Ganz was enjoying retirement life when Wright approached him in 2016 with a new business idea—a disruptive wireless charging solution. Wright proposed a new multi-mode technology to develop an advanced wireless charging solution.

We want to help design a universal system that gives people true wireless power to any and every electronic device

The initial product ideas were revolutionary in proving dual-mode wireless charging was not only possible, but was unique and could be patented. They leveraged an early stage prototype into a full suite of market specific wireless charging solutions within 15 months. Realizing the flexibility of their technology, and the scale of the market for their pioneering invention, Ganz and Wright laid the foundation of PowerSphyr. The team raised capital and started developing wireless charging products. Having received critical acclaim for their technology, PowerSphyr was awarded a patent that covers both transmission and receiving of multi-mode near-field and far-field wireless charging. PowerSphyr’s secret sauce is its ability to intelligently identify optimal power requirements between power and charging units; dynamically switch between near-field and far-field charging based on distance and power required; optimize charging time by mapping device capacity to charge delivery; and its extensible architecture that supports all viable near-field and far-field charging standards.

The Team

In the role of CTO, Will Wright heads the system architecture and engineering team at PowerSphyr. With more than 65 years of combined wireless power technology experience, PowerSphyr’s team has established a reputation for delivering best–in-class wireless charging solutions. Key team members include industry expert Dr. Ron Chi Kuo who is Director of System Architecture. The company also acquired Gill Electronics for its seasoned magnetic resonance team that specializes in design work for electronics, and provides ‘design in’ expertise to meet the needs of key OEM partners. “This team has the expertise and background to develop and deliver a wide array of seamless wireless charging solutions. They cover the full spectrum of design, development and delivery, and do so at a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions,” says Wright.

SkyCurrent III

“At the international consumer electronics show (CES 2019), we introduced an innovative dual-mode power system for the consumer electronics industry. It has both magnetic inductance and magnetic resonance combined—the first of its kind,” explains Ganz, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO at PowerSphyr. The SkyCurrent III dual-mode wireless charging pad and suite of ‘fast charging’ battery cases support mix and match of differing devices and power requirements. The patented technology can simultaneously charge up to eight AirFuel complaint mangentic resonance devices 60 percent faster than traditional wireless charging using the ultimate ‘drop & go’ flexibility.

“One of our goals with SkyCurrent III was to create a seamless charging experience for users with mobile devices already enabled with wireless charging, and introduce those not familiar with wireless charging to PowerSphyr’s new technology. By offering a ‘dual-mode’ solution, “PowerSphyr is compatible with clients' existing wireless charging embedded devices. The advanced new features in our consumer products empower users with better performance and versatility,” said Will Wright, CTO of PowerSphyr.
SkyCurrent Power Analyzer™

PowerSphyr is also launching its ground-breaking SkyCurrent Power Analyzer™ (SPA™) platform that provides a complete virtual battery management system (vBMS) that provides detailed information across all registered batteries and chargers deployed throughout the enterprise. SPA automates collection and diagnostics of critical battery information over the life of each battery and retains this robust history to understand its current State of Health (SOH) to enhance battery safety, protection, maintenance, charge, discharge and asset management functionalities.

SPA integrates proprietary technologies to optimize thermal management and deliver a contextual precision charge and cell balancing to each battery. SPA ensures each battery, standalone or part of a fleet of batteries, is maintained and charged at optimal capacity and provides alerts when end-of-life is near for replenishment ordering.

The Ultimate Wireless Freedom

Powersphyr is partnering with key Fortune 1000 OEMs in the automotive, industrial and consumer markets. An example is Faurecia, a Tier 1 automotive partner, who is working with Powersphyr to integrate secure wireless charging into 600K cars by 2020. PowerSphyr’s flexible architectural platform is uniquely suited to meet the specific requirements of OEMs to embed and deliver wireless charging into solutions as diverse as the automotive cockpit of the future, ruggedized charging pads for emergency equipment, and medical devices such as hearing aids. “Our focus is on developing the most cost-effective wireless charging solutions for a multitude of markets. Imagine a first responder grabbing their emergency radio and flashlight running out the door and having 100 percent confidence that it is fully charged – that is what we mean by delivering a ‘Connected World, Unplugged™,’ ” explains Ganz.

The Future of Wireless Power

PowerSphyr is developing a large form factor charging pad. This can be leveraged for applications such as police, fire and emergency systems where 2-way radios, body armor and flash lights can be quickly and reliably powered and are ready to use.

"This is the first wireless solution designed for the Automotive, Industrial and Consumer markets that delivers on price and performance to fulfill a ‘Connected World, Unplugged™’"

PowerSphyr is continually focused on enhancing its product capabilities. The team will be introducing a dual-mode chip soon that will convert the existing phone sleeve charging board down to a single chip. In that regard, PowerSphyr has partnered with a team to offer phone manufacturers the ability to convert their present single mode receiving systems to dual mode receiving systems.

“We are working in our R&D lab to offer backward compatibility with every electric battery operated device,” Ganz added. “We want to help design a universal system that gives people true wireless power to any and every electronic device.”


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Neil Ganz, President & CEO and Will Wright, CTO

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