Powertek Corporation: Driving Value as a Collaborative, Trusted Partner

Goodwin Ting, COO
In today’s complex labyrinth of the technology world spanning cloud, data centers, and mobile applications, organizations struggle to find an expert team who can connect these varied points and build an intelligent enterprise network with security at the core. Challenges grow manifold for the defense organizations that are bounded with stringent regulatory requirements. To allay these complexities, Powertek Corporation, a technology solutions and services company, excels as a collaborative, trusted partner in serving its clients from the defense industry. “We have developed integrated management and technical services that shifted from standard, commoditized capabilities to higher value-add solutions for our customers, based on our effective, customer-centric approach,” says Goodwin Ting, COO, Powertek Corporation.

Powertek Corporation has evolved as a responsive technology enabler of reliable, secure, and cost-effective IT solutions and services anchored on the fact that information technology is the lifeblood of modern organizations. Built on industry best practices, the company delivers IT and business solutions spanning the entire systems lifecycle, from design and development to integration and operation, all within defined, comprehensive program management and security frameworks. These solutions are tailored to the unique requirements and environments of its individual customers. “We help government clients identify and benefit from more efficient technology platforms while enabling them to streamline and secure IT services that protect the privacy of our citizens,” highlights Ting.

Furthermore, the Rockville, MD-based service provider is helping modern organizations with cloud implementations to stay competitive on the security front by augmenting their security teams and forging strategic alliances with large IT solution vendors. To be a cut above the rest, Powertek closely follows the trends in the market, adopting new technologies with its core capabilities to drive customer value.

Founded by people with extensive experience in providing professional and technical services to Federal Government clients, Powertek Corporation has grown steadily by taking skilled workforce on-board and investing in business infrastructure and processes.

We help government clients benefit from more efficient technology platforms while enabling them to streamline and secure IT services

By shaping their knowledge and skills with industry certifications– such as ITIL–results in a workforce that remains at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

Powertek has a high tech engineering lab powered with hybrid cloud technology where technology experts work on next gen technology solutions and services. The lab provides the tools to test emerging technologies and new approaches. This technology prowess has enabled Powertek to offer its clients solutions that provide with automation in their workflow whereby repeatable and measurable processes have resulted in reduced errors, and improved cost savings in deploying new services and developing new software solutions.

The IT and business-enabling solutions provided by Powertek has been solving the impediments faced by organizations from the defense, homeland security, and the U.S. government. Plagued by manual approach and inadequate collaboration across its Scrum teams, Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) was facing challenges in the form of inconsistent artifacts hurting the software development process. With a DevOps approach coupled with implementation of centralized Scrum management tool, Powertek has enabled DTIC to deploy new applications faster in a mature operational state. Further, Powertek’s services ensured that new functionality can be deployed at a much faster pace that enhances productivity.

With a buoyant strategy, Powertek looks forward to augment their service offerings by aligning people, processes, and tools. “With a focused approach, we are in the process of transforming our capabilities from being a solid competitor to being a recognized leader in our area of expertise,” concludes Ting.

Powertek Corporation

Rockville, MD

Goodwin Ting, COO

Provides information technology and business solutions for the government, defense, and law enforcement agencies

Powertek Corporation