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Dennis Weikle, Founder & Managing Director
“Customer Experience is more than just a measurement on a scorecard or interactions that happen over time; it starts when something is in the design room,” begins Dennis Weikle, Founder and Manager Director at PPT Solutions. Weikle is of the belief that a product or service should be intuitive and easy-to-use in a manner that customers can use it without setbacks and any need for customer service support. “Today’s customers prefer the ability to self-service rather than calling a contact center to use the product,” he adds. With the continuing evolution of customers and the incredible influence of Millennials, enterprises need new techniques to transform their customer’s journey and redefine their experience. PPT Solutions helps companies document their customer’s journey, key touch points and the causes for their interaction. “We help our clients optimize their business through strategic evaluation, identifying solutions in the market place and then providing oversight of the implementation ensuring their transition is successful,” adds Weikle.

PPT Solutions’ Customer Lifecycle Management has two methods for clients to map their customer journey before and after a product hits the market. When the product is being designed, it identifies various key steps along the customer journey, starting with awareness, then purchasing and moves through several phases. It provides enterprises with an aggregate of brand touch points that assist in identifying key points and the ability to capitalize on each while minimizing bad experiences. Once the product is launched and in market, PPT Solutions helps companies design and tactically map the customer journey according to their strategies. “By leveraging our unique model, clients can think about how various touch points should occur in every phase,” explains Weikle. Through this program, enterprises can ensure they are delivering results with planned mitigation strategies that ultimately yield longer customer retention.

Further, clients can increase the odds of success of their project implementations by using the company’s Business Transformation Office (BTO) solution, which acts similar to a Project Management Office (PMO). A critical difference between a BTO solution and a more traditional PMO is the solution drives alignment within the client’s cross functional stakeholders and subsequent unity of goals and budgets. The end result is shared accountability by both PPT Solutions and their clients and results delivered within the given deadlines and on budget.

We have a very adaptable framework that can be molded according to our client’s business

Clients can also receive action plans and a roadmap to success based on their current challenges through the solution.

Unlike other companies that require their clients to fit into their framework, PPT Solutions has a flexible approach when complying with their client’s needs and determining what works best for them. “We have a very adaptable framework that can be molded according to our client’s business,” extols Weikle. By following the philosophy of “stop selling and start helping”, PPT Solutions brings more value in their services by making them useful even in advance of a “deal.” In one instance, a Financial Services client required a shift in how they managed Customer Experience while optimizing cost. PPT Solutions leveraged its framework and helped the client make necessary changes around IVR implementations. “We assisted the client in identifying savings worth millions of dollars a year,” said Weikle.

The company’s next big step is to introduce a new marketing plan focusing on Customer Experience as well as business optimization. “Over the course of September and the remainder of 2016, we will be introducing a new brand identity that better externalizes the same internal philosophy and culture that’s been instilled in PPT Solutions since its inception,” remarks Weikle. “The new and reinvigorated PPT Solutions brand also aligns strategically with the expansion of our corporate vision.” In addition to a new logo design and website, PPT Solutions will be introducing a new tagline. “Experience Matters”, selected for its ability to encapsulate the company’s expertise, philosophy, and foundational principles, will be a prominent component in marketing and communications. Operationally, the company plans to invest heavily in artificial intelligence (AI) and establishing partners already leveraging AI tools. The company will also transition from employing contractors and adopt an employee-based model in which more employees will be hired to deliver services.

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Dennis Weikle, Founder & Managing Director

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