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Audrey Gay Ehrhardt, Founder Today, women entrepreneurs are proving their mettle in every field of business and making their presence felt across industries. Among them is Audrey Gay Ehrhardt, a Floridalicensed elder law attorney and certified behavioral consultant, who is changing the face of legal tech through her company, Practice42.

As an attorney, Audrey experienced first-hand the many challenges that lawyers faced in attaining a successful career. “Most of them know what success looks like but lack the necessary know-how and time to reach it. Not only are they inundated with getting things done just to keep up with their law practice, but, most days, they feel overwhelmed, stuck in an inefficient pattern, and are unable to make real progress to improve their business’ profitability and growth,” she says. Leveraging her experience and expertise as an attorney, Audrey established Practice42, an innovative consulting, technology, and full suite marketing agency, to help lawyers navigate these challenges seamlessly. Practice42 not only offers lawyers access to the tools that they need to build, run, and sustain a thriving law practice but also places exclusive focus on the strategies needed for high level growth and optimal performance of each law practice it works with.
Practice42 serves clients of various shapes and sizes—from true solos to small and midsize firms to senior attorneys looking to develop a viable exit strategy. “For true solos, we offer the support that they need, whether that is in the form of coaching or a law practice tech solution to run their practice,” informs Audrey.

Once the true solo gets their feet under the table, the firm also provides them with performance coaching on different areas which include, but are not limited to, instructions on hitting the KPIs they need and how to focus on that monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Besides, Practice42 helps them with marketing, generating consistent leads, and nurturing those leads to create more education prospects that turn into clients. “A lot of times lawyers are solos because they are terrified of losing the associates that they train or their partners.

We create custom solutions specifically built and tailored to ourclients’ law practice needs. We know the strategies it takes for them to succeed and are ready to implement them

This is where we come in and act as the backbone that our clients need,” adds Audrey. Furthermore, Practice42’s marketing and software teams work in collaboration with small and mid-size firms to help them figure out the bottlenecks that are stopping their business from reaching a consistent level of success. “We create custom solutions specifically built and tailored to our clients’ needs. We know the strategies it takes for them to succeed. To put it simply, our tagline best explains what we do: provide ‘smart answers to tough questions’,” asserts Audrey.

Another category of clients that Practice42 caters to is veteran attorneys and large firms. The company has a number of seasoned attorneys with thriving businesses in multiple states and locations, and shareholders partners, who find it difficult to work with advanced technologies or use software effectively.
In the last year alone, Practice42 has worked with over 650 firms, helping them move out of the brick-and-mortar ecosystem and into the virtual world and find answers to questions such as: ‘How do we get stable Internet connections?’ ‘How do we make sure data security is maintained?’ ‘How do we use VPN?,’ ‘How do we a connection when we are not in perons?’ and so on. “In short, we build successful law practices across the nation and help maintain and sustain them for the long-term with our performance coaching, mentor coaching, and other services,” explains Audrey.

Practice42 provides five different services spanning three key areas: law practice management consulting and coaching; full marketing agency services; and law practice management software customization and build out.
When it comes to marketing, the firm helps law firms and lawyers build websites, run social media, do search engine optimization—both locally and nationally, run custom content campaigns for articles, perform client reviews and client management, and aid in improving their marketing to get better results.

Through its mentor and performance coaching, Practice42 helps lawyers that are looking to raise their revenue, build playbooks or processes for their office, or find ways to do things differently, and level up their business.

What equally complements Practice42’s services is its Premier Practice Institute, a member’s only initiative taken by the company, where the Practice42 team comes together as a group of attorneys and offers lawyers a live educational program. “Members get to be a part of our brand of executive development, which includes webinars, meetings, action items, education, processes, and training resources. From running your law firm as a business to attorney development to our exclusive six-step training process on all the tools lawyers need in place when they are up and running, we offer the necessary support they need,” states Audrey.

That is not all! Practice42 helps its clients custom-build the back-end of their law practice management software. In general, there are about 27 types of law and, hence, the firm works with each client to develop the software that specifically addresses their business needs and matches with their vision for the practice. How does the firm do this? Practice42 holds a series of intentional meetings before the team goes in and recodes the software according to the lawyers’ unique needs.

Another notable aspect of Practice42 is it is built by lawyers for lawyers. “We know you need support you can count on. What makes us different is we not only identify and develop solutions for you but also provide the practical implementation for each answer,” affirms Audrey.

That being said, Practice42 is a bootstrap start-up. Each year since its inception at the end of 2015 the company has continued to grow exponentially, both in terms of people and adding new services. As a part of its plan for the near future, it intends to persevere with this growth. “Alongside, we are looking forward to working with about 5 new firms a week. We currently work with an average of five new firms per month. To that end, we are building the necessary infrastructure needed to help more people,” concludes Audrey


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Audrey Gay Ehrhardt, Founder

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