PractiTest: Cloud Based QA and Test Management

Joel Montvelisky, Co-founder
“Imagine driving your car at night without turning on your headlights, guided only by your experience as a driver and by your knowledge of the road ahead. You would never think about doing this because it may lead to accidents. This is like managing a software development process without proper test management in place.” says Joel Montvelisky, Co-founder of PractiTest.

The software industry demands regular testing to guarantee product’s quality, and to ensure the development process isn’t derailed by unforeseen factors. This, together with Agile/ DevOps trends, growing number of platforms applications need to support, and increasing market competition, make the need for testing more critical than ever. Montvelisky adds “In the past, testers would take weeks to run tests and send reports to management. Today, we need results almost immediately, so organizations rely on a combination of manual and automated tests, and live dashboards available to everyone in the organization. With PractiTest, we aim at providing a holistic platform that servers the demand for process and information management of the organization.”

Based in Israel and with offices in Chicago, IL, PractiTest provides a QA management tool to manage software requirements, tests’ execution, issue tracking and reporting. The additional systems within the customer’s workspace are integrated with PractiTest’s platform using their built-in integrations and their available interfaces. PractiTest manages the testing activities and collects the testing results across the departments, and reports the bugs being detected during this process. The emphasis is on managing and integrating the data from all the various departments and technologies. The testing teams are not isolated. All the information obtained from the different efforts and systems is brought into one unified dashboard that can be used to make quick decisions.

One of PractiTest’s unique features is its hierarchical filters that allows to organize data in more useful ways, helping organizations make better use of their testing resources.
Development teams now-a-days work with a number of different systems, so PractiTest has been designed in a way that it can be easily integrated with bug trackers such as JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, Remine, etc., testing platforms like Jenkins and automation tools like Selenium, QTP, TestComplete, and more. PractiTest enables an organization to host their testing efforts on the Cloud, allowing distributed teams to work in an integrated process regardless of their location. “It’s not new that the world does not work from a single office or building anymore, teams are global and work faster than before”
says Montvelisky.

Our focus is on a product which helps simplify testing and test management

Building more on their user’s need than following a competitor’s approach, is what makes PractiTest different from other solution providers. Their team of testing veterans maintains an open conversation channel with clients during the whole process of implementation and work with PractiTest (sometimes years and more), gathering feedback that is then integrated as features into the system. The methodological support from the experts at PractiTest adds to the technological capabilities leveraged by the client. “Our focus is on actively helping our users simplify their testing during their entire project” adds Montvelisky.

Focusing on innovation, PractiTest continues to integrate new software modules to allow intelligent and automated ways of accessing testing data for clients. Expanding its solution across the globe, PractiTest aims at adding extra features through collaboration with other technological providers in the market.


Chicago, IL

Joel Montvelisky, Co-founder

Provides cloud based solution to manage all testing needs and provide information to the organization