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Larry L. Llirán, CISA, CISM Managing Director
It is paramount for businesses to comply with one or more sets of regulations to prevent penalties and negative press, and protect customers’ data and brand image. However, global regulatory bodies enforce more stringent mandates every day, exposing organizations to inherent compliance risks. Businesses may be hindered from adapting to the proliferating regulations by the limitations of resources dedicated to cybersecurity, auditing, risk management, and compliance.

Enter Precelsus Consulting, a Puerto Rico-based business that provides diverse consulting services and competent resources to help clients address ongoing governance, cybersecurity, IT compliance, and risk management needs. Most of its customers are from heavily regulated industries, including banking, finance, insurance, transaction processing, health, and education.

Precelsus offers services to support compliance, risk analysis, project management services, IT Audits and Assessments, control assessments, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery lifecycle, among others. Through these competencies, it holistically handles compliance requirements, from IT audit reviews to project management, and creates programs, policies, and procedures that boost business operations and help auditors license their companies.

A trusted advisor and subject matter expert, Precelsus adds value to businesses providing one on one guidance, as well as practical and personalized solutions that meet their specific audit, risk, and compliance needs.

"We are a boutique management consulting firm focused on providing high-quality service with the right solution to address clients with their operational challenges and compliance needs," says Larry L. Llirán, CISA, CISM, Managing Director of Precelsus.

Llirán, in his former role as an internal audit manager at Evertec, one of Puerto Rico's largest online transaction companies, wanted to share his knowledge and provide high quality reasonable priced consulting services. He collaborated with Laura Velez- Loyselle, a business project manager and IT consultant, to develop Precelsus.
A product of their combined experience in multinational management consulting, IT, operations, and management, Precelsus imparts consulting services and provide solutions that simplify conventionally complex compliance processes.

Highlighting Precelsus' proven approaches at executing best-suited compliance and consulting solutions is its growing clientele based exclusively on referrals and word-of-mouth. When engaging with clients, it schedules an initial meeting to understand their needs, organizational structure, culture, and true potential. This is followed by the identification of operational challenges and their mitigation. Precelsus then provides hand in hand support in the solutions deployment.

We are a boutique management consulting firm focused on providing high quality service with the right solution to address clients with their operational challenges and compliance needs

Exemplifying the impact of Precelsus' services is a success story where it assisted a client looking to become PCI DSS compliant. This client lacked the needed processes, making it impossible to undergo a PCI examination and obtain the necessary certification. Precelsus provided a threephase plan comprising a readiness assessment, remediation efforts, and a dedicated phase for seeking certification. Over two years, it worked closely with them to close the gaps, establish effective compliance processes, and successfully acquire PCI DSS certification without negatively impacting their operations. Successes like this perfectly illustrate Precelsus' emphasis on building a customer-centric business strategy focused on nurturing meaningful and longstanding client relationships.

Currently, Precelsus' location in Puerto Rico, a Spanish-speaking part of the U.S., gives it a unique blend of North and Latin American culture and expertise, which allows it to effectively serve local, national, and international clients. Moving forward, it aims to expand its portfolio to South America and the Southeast U.S.


San Juan, PR

Larry L. Llirán, CISA, CISM Managing Director and Laura Velez-Loyselle, CRISC, CDPSE Managing Director

Precelsus Consulting leverages proven approaches, practical experience, and tactical problem-solving skills to help clients identify and implement the right solution and address their operational challenges. It has significant experience in business and technical operations with diverse private and public sectors including banking, insurance, and education.